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Bee Pollen Granules
Sugar With Low Glycemic Index

Bee Pollen Granules

(326 customer reviews)

$22.45 or $20.21 / month

Bee pollen consists of a mixture of nectar, honey, flower pollen, enzymes, wax, and bee secretions that is quickly becoming popular due to being packed with healthy nutrients.


Our Bee Pollen Granules benefits may include:

  • Reduces inflammation
  • Combats oxidative stress
  • Helps heal liver damage
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Relieves menopause symptoms
  • Helps relieve stress
  • Lowers heart disease risk
  • Aids in wound healing
Low-carb Diet For Prediabetes

At Alovitox, we are committed to making sure that doesn’t happen. It’s not all our doing, and we can’t take credit for it all, but the majority of our Yacon root is grown on very steep and hard to reach plateaus, and that makes it very difficult for any machinery to reach or transport the yacon from the dispersed patches of harvest.

All Natural Bee Pollen Granules

Bee Pollen Granules

Bee pollen granules are field-gathered flower pollen, packed by worker honey-bees, and used as the primary food source for the hive. The honey bee then ferments the pellet thus increasing its nutritional value. Bee Pollen has long been used by humans, as a nutritious additive, which is rich in minerals and vitamins, amongst other components.

The Facts

Guaranteed freshness.

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead and cadmium, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer or birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information click here.

Low Carb Sugar Syrup

Suggested Use

You can add our Bee Pollen Granules to yogurt, cereal, oatmeal or baked goods. Mix it in with your favorite smoothie blend or sprinkle over salads for an added healthy boost to your daily meals.

Why You Will Love It

Around the world, Bee Pollen Granules is being recognized for its health benefits and powerful ingredients. In fact, it’s known to contain over 250 biologically active substances including protein, antioxidants, fatty acids, more amino acids than eggs or beef, and a host of other essential vitamins and minerals. The German Federal Board of Health has even recognized it as a form of medicine.

Low Carb Mediterranean Diet
All Natural Bee Pollen Granules
Bee Pollen Granules
Low-carb Diet For Prediabetes
Sugar With Low Glycemic Index
All Natural Bee Pollen Granules

Bee Pollen Granules


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Bee pollen consists of a mixture of nectar, honey, flower pollen, enzymes, wax, and bee secretions that is quickly becoming popular due to being packed with healthy nutrients.

Why You Will Love Alovitox Bee Pollen Granules:

Around the world, Bee Pollen Granules is being recognized for its health benefits and powerful ingredients. In fact, it’s known to contain over 250 biologically active substances  including protein, antioxidants, fatty acids, more amino acids than eggs or beef, and a host of other essential vitamins and minerals. The German Federal Board of Health has even recognized it as a form of medicine.

Our Bee Pollen Granules benefits may include:

– Reduces inflammation
– Combats oxidative stress
– Helps heal liver damage
– Boosts the immune system
– Relieves menopause symptoms
– Helps relieve stress
– Lowers heart disease risk
– Aids in wound healing

Ingredients: Bee Pollen Granules
Food Allergy: Raw, No Salt, No Sugar, No Soy, Gluten Free, Vegan, Non-GMO, No Trans Fat, and Kosher.
Storage: Store in fresh and dry places.
Origin: China


How to Use Bee Pollen Granules Every Day:

You can add our Bee Pollen Granules to yogurt, cereal, oatmeal or baked goods. Mix it in with your favorite smoothie blend or sprinkle over salads for an added healthy boost to your daily meals.

Additional information

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326 reviews for Bee Pollen Granules

  1. SoLo Jo

    It does what it’s supposed to do bit it’s not the best beepollen I’ve had. I don’t really enjoy the taste of beepollen in general but this one tastes especially bad. Not that it’s gone bad or anything but it’s hard to swallow. Maybe it’s better if you blend it with something else but I usually just take a teaspoon of it in the mornings.

  2. Salisbury’s

    I love this Bee pollen it taste really good energizes me throughout the day I did learn that if you take a teaspoon put it in a cup let it soak in water for a couple of hours my understanding is that you get more nutrients out of that

  3. bicklestiny

    When I got them out of the box I noticed that the bag had a cut in the back about an inch long. This is my first time using bee pollen so I have no idea if it is fresh or not. It does have a strong smell but I don’t know if it is a normal smell or not. I put some in the shrimp tank the other day but only one shrimp has had a taste so far and that was this morning. I will update if I need to.

  4. Sarah Parker

    Is a good product. I was expecting to not like tgevtadte very much but it’s not that bad. I can eat a teaspoon or two a day successfully.

  5. Ed Vaile

    Great taste! No bad flavors!

  6. JA

    Great Bee Polen. Excellent results.
    Producer not disclosed. Only distributor.

  7. charles w

    taste great

  8. anonymous

    I like that it’s 100% organic and the taste is not so bad! I suffer from allergies and I found out that bee pollen is a great natural alternative remedy!

  9. Maria L Moore

    Es muy buena

  10. Chandra LaVoi

    I decided to try this produced a few months ago for all of its many benefits and this wont be my last purchase. I am happy with the quality, smell, taste and my clear increase in energy. I will be trying a few of Alovitox other great organic products .


  11. Ed Pad

    I have tried several other Bee pollens. This one has been best for me. Great product

  12. Dan R Porter

    for my allergies i found relief within a week thanks to the bee pollen granules by alovitox !!!!!!!

  13. Toni

    My favorite brand of bee-pollen was unavailable so I tried this one. I didn’t find the taste as pleasant as the other brand and I found little hard gritty bits like tiny stones in it that I’ve not experienced before. It’ll do in a pinch, but I’ve had better.

  14. Lexi

    I would recommend this product as I feel like it’s up to my standards in quality. I order it for my daughter who is tube fed and I add it into her homemade tube feed formula for immune support and extra nutrition.

  15. Chelsea W.

    I’ve been using Alovitox Bee Pollen for almost a year to get my B vitamins. I take it every morning and I feel a great difference in my energy level. It’s easy and tastes good.

  16. Kel

    I’ve been looking to add bee pollen to my diet again for quite a while. Whole Foods didn’t have anything that was economically reasonable. Trader Joe’s doesn’t carry bee pollen. I began looking through all of the product on Amazon and finally discovered Alovitox. The reviews were stellar. The price is right. I purchased 3 bags to date. I use it in smoothies, Greek Yogurt, Muesli, and I dig a spoonful and eat it straight. The picture shows Alovitox in Greek Yogurt with dark chocolate. I also added honey after taking the picture. It’s a super find!

  17. Angela

    I love this bee pollen & have it at least once per day. I have it with fruit in yogurt & it is the perfect accompaniment.

  18. Kelly A. Rholl

    I like it for my overnight oats.

  19. tanya

    Best one I have found!! The taste is very sweet and delicious. After trying Alovitox will only use their brand.

  20. Nicole S.

    I just received the bee pollen and the bag was bigger than I expected. What a great deal. I love adding these to smoothies. Makes me feel great!

  21. jazmyne Nikole

    I love the freshness of the product a d the amount of bee pollen i get for the price. I am definitely going to keep buying this

  22. kelly v.

    Bee pollen is incredible!! There’s a reason it’s called nature’s multivitamin. And while I love it, it is often times crazyyyy expensive. BUT Alovitox’s bee pollen is superb quality and it doesn’t break the bank! So I definitely recommend this product!

  23. Kim Oldfield

    Anything that Bee’s make is a winner in my book. Sweet natural granules of pollen in my smoothie do the trick for a pick me up taste. Will buy again.

  24. Elza

    Nice flavor, package closes properly.
    Will order again.

  25. Shirley

    Fortalece el sistema inmunológico, muy recomendable este producto natural.

  26. Amazon Shopper

    I was really looking forward to using this bee pollen in smoothies and I like to eat bee pollen a-la-cart. Unfortunately, I put a teaspoon of the granules on my tongue and was unpleasantly surprised by the staleness of the product. I live in Santa Barbara, so the good stuff is usually readily available, but given the current COVID 19 stay at home policy, I had to give this brand a try. It was a purchasing mistake and I guess I will have to “eat it,” pun intended.

  27. Raymond Lopez

    Ok texture for food and nut butters

  28. Katie Rains

    I’ve never ordered bee pollen before but I wanted to try making keto honey, which involves blending bee pollen with monkfruit sweetener and water and this did the trick. The pollen smells good and it tastes good sprinkled on yogurt too! I’d order this again.

  29. Lenin Garcia

    Súper buen producto recomendado

  30. Richard

    When I received my product, the granules appeared to have been exposed to moisture. Not thinking much of it, I consumed a spoonful and it tasted horrible. It made me so nauseous. I’ve had this product twice before and never had this issue. I am planning to return it if I can (even though I opened it and placed it in my usual mason jar).

  31. Mark D.

    Best bee pollen I’ve tasted! Helps with my endurance too.

  32. Amazon Customer

    I bought these to add to my “happy honey” spread and absolutely love them!


    Bee pollen greatly helps my baby with teething. Apparently, bee pollen has huge anti-inflammatory properties that soothes baby’s teething process and clams down swollen gums. Bee pollen has become our game changer, we went from sleepless nights of terrible teething pains to full nights of calm deep sleep. Prior to buying this product I have done my research and found Alovitox bee pollen products to be a great deal for a 100% pure bee pollen.

  34. Ander goodwin

    Give me the protein I’m looking for all natural!

  35. Teri

    The quality of this product doesn’t compare to previously bought pollen. I’m also concerned that the product is from China. If I had know that, I would not have purchased this brand.

  36. Donnie Lee Reid

    Great product if you are into the raw and holistic health. Just mix one teaspoon in with your morning protein shake and you are set for the day!

  37. Kindle Customer

    High quality product- great flavor, excellent value, I add these to all my smoothies and oatmeal!

  38. MIA

    Excellent product! I am making healthy beverage with bee pollen along with camu camu powder, to strengthen the immune system.

  39. Amazon Customer

    I enjoy the energy this supplies, and I feel stronger since taking it daily.

  40. Stephen

    Especially love the test and texture. Goes in my lemon water every morning. Love it!

  41. Rafael

    Good price & quality.

  42. Cambridge Don

    There is no way to know which plants this pollen was collected from, so if you have ANY pollen allergies whatsoever — beware. I have only mild seasonal allergies, but this product caused me to experience swelling in the mouth/tongue and some shortness of breath. It went away after 30 min or so and was not dangerous or anything, but still unpleasant, and the possibility of allergies should have been prominently noted in the product description. Perhaps they are aware of the problem, which is why they made this product ineligible for return?

  43. Brenda Gotlen

    Great to help with allergies

  44. Anonymous M

    Product arrived timely and in good condition. Tastes great as a natural and healthy sweetener!

  45. Sara Linder

    Pure bee pollen without the hassle of small packaging or concern for quality. This is a great product for the cost.

  46. Charles Stephen

    This is the best bee pollen I’ve ever had. I recommend this to all.

  47. Daween

    I’m a bit concerned to find that it makes this is from china, however I’ve used bee pollen before and it smells and had similar texture as this before. I’m not saying all Chinese product is bad, but I’ve certainly had my share of less than quality products from there. However I’m wiling to continue my daily routine and will adjust my rating after two weeks of use. Hopefully I can give it full 5 stars. So far I’ve used it twice and it seems identical to my past experience.

  48. Amazon Customer

    I loved the product it gave me the energy to start my day , just add to yogurt or take without.

  49. Don D

    Helped with my allergies

  50. Elizabeth Lynch

    I put it in my smoothies. Love the taste.

  51. Summer L.

    This product provides all the necessary nutrients that a body needs to survive. I have a teaspoon with my coffee and I am ready to face the day.

  52. J Singer

    Country of origin should be very prominent for all food substances on Amazon.

  53. Desiree M

    I’m very pleased with this product it goes well in smoothies and gives me the energy I’m looking for.

  54. Susan Averill

    Bought this for our bearded dragon to add into her salads and bugs. Was surprised at the great price for a big bag. Ended up using this for food for a baby blue jay we rescued also. Very pleased!

  55. IH

    Très bon produit

  56. Al Abra

    I tried pollen for four days in a row and I felt energetic and energetic.

  57. DEM

    Good flavor. We put it in our smoothies each morning. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

  58. Marcie Marriott

    Great product

  59. maria serna


  60. Douglas Albright

    Purchase with hopes that my newly split bee hive would take it as food,, and they loved it

  61. Gisèle Lanouette

    I use this for my smoothies every morning. I love the flavor, the freshness of the product and the health benefits. I have this on subscribe and save. It’s one of my staples and it’s also great sprinkled over some yogurt. Love it! Highly recommend!

  62. Juan Carlos Bernal

    Good flavour and the price is ok

  63. Emanuel Gramatikos

    I only take ALOVITOX Bee Pollen Granules because they’re 100% Pure, Natural Raw Bee Pollen. The freshness is what really counts and the taste is paramount! I’ve been taking bee pollen since 1993 daily. The energy it gives me is awesome! E. Gramatikos Ormond Beach, Florida

  64. Keven Gregoire

    Le goût oufff j’avais jamais mangé ça c assez spécial

  65. Amazon Customer

    Good product

  66. Barbara F.

    The product is awesome

  67. Kindle Customer

    The quality is good but I gave it away. It ruined the flavor of my smoothie. It was too overwhelming. I could not do it. Yuck.

  68. Greg Skrzypczak

    I’m sorry to say that, but this product looks fake, smiles fake and taste fake. When I saw “made in China” that explain me everything. Don’t buy it, don’t waste your money.

  69. Randall Schisler

    Great Product to add to my daily protein drink. 100% pure product , packed full of vitamins for that great pick me up in the morning. Great Fresh Honey smell !!

  70. Info for your decision making

    Love it, but the pollen seems old (just because it’s hard) compared to some new pollen that I have purchased.
    However the flavor is great.

  71. Faith

    Love this! I add it to my kefir smoothie. Helps a lot with my fall allergies.

  72. ChristineC

    I ordered the bee pollen granules to use as part of a superfood to gut feed insects to feed to my bearded dragon. Very happy with them.

  73. Joseph M. Wright

    The bee pollen brand I normally use has been sold out almost everywhere lately. I guess because of the CV and people want to be extra health right now. Nothing wrong with that. So, I decided to try this brand. It’s a little more crunchy compared to the last brand, but the taste is very similar. I can tell it’s good quality & I’ve been using bee pollen granules for a few years. The capsules are ineffective unless you take a lot. So granules is the way to go & more effective. I take a table spoon twice a day & it offers a lot of nutritional value. I do recommend this brand.

  74. Cassidy Louise

    It’s a big bag of bee pollen ! I bought this to help entice my bearded dragon to eat his salads, and it works well for us !

  75. Joshua Varia

    The is the beat Bea pollen. We use it in our açaí bowls almost everyday and it adds a touch of unique flavor, crunch, and gives you clean energy! This is the first Bea pollen I’ve purchased that I’ve purchased that tastes like the stuff they serve at bowl place an

  76. Larry Jones

    What the heck? Made in China? I guess it’s my fault for not asking. Dry, hard. Just hope it doesn’t do something to me. 😖 Watch the obits.for Larry Jones

  77. Christopher Caldwell

    Wow, I really like the subtle flavor this adds to my lemon smoothie recipe. I have been enjoying bit of Alovitox bee pollen every day and it makes me feel good. Product is packaged nicely, easy to store. I will continue to order. Great service, too.

  78. Fabiola Cornejo


  79. Amazon Customer

    Great for immune system

  80. Wayne Hunsucker

    I use this pollen in making a supplemental feed for my honey bees. I think the quality is top draw.

  81. Kindle Customer

    Smells and tastes pretty good🙂
    Great company!

  82. paulina

    Muy bueno me ha ayudado muchísimo

  83. RH

    I’ve tried Alovitox Bee Pollen for the first time. I use it in my daily smoothies because it’s loaded with flavonoids, glutathione, quercetin, and more! Bee pollen has so many health benefits. I found Alovitox bee pollen granules to be very fresh. The self-closing bag seals easily to retain the freshness. I will purchase this again.

  84. Janice Killian

    After 35 years of buying and using bee pollen this is by far the worst tasting fowl pollen ever!

  85. Angelina

    Tiene un sabor suave, y sobre todo; no tiene piedritas.

  86. Amazon Customer

    I use bee pollen to keep my skin clear.

  87. yram

    This is an excellent product! I have taken Bee pollen granules for years to keep me “regular” since I have to take pain pills, which can be very constipating! Highly recommend!


    Se disuelve perfectamente, buen sabor

  89. ktate

    We love this product. Bee pollen is great for immunity. We put some in our smoothies every day. It’s also good sprinkled on yogurt. Would definitely use this product again.

  90. Paula L.

    I use it to scent the salads I give my bearded dragons and it helps them get more enticed!

  91. Orchidguy

    Put this in my smoothies each day

  92. calmosphere

    Great flavor, freshness, and packaging. Some competitors use bottles and I appreciate that flatter packaging which takes up less space in my cabinet. Looking forward to using this bee pollen again 🙂

  93. VT67

    Add to my smoothies every day. Packaged well, great health benefits and good price .

  94. Tico

    The goodness of it

  95. rockheart2u

    I put these in my morning smoothies everyday. Taste great!

  96. Patience Ose

    Honestly, I threw it away because the pollen had a uniform colour.

    It’s generally better yo consume multicolour bee pollen,

    So, I just threw it away because I didn’t trust the appearance, sorry

  97. Boostin’ Bowls

    The shipping was even faster than expected. We love this brand of bee pollen. The color is beautiful and they taste great.

  98. Jckim

    We live in the PNW, and I was looking for bee pollen that was gathered close to home, not across the US. I ordered this product, and we are very happy with it! We take it daily for energy, blood sugar control and for the Lysine. So glad we came across this product during a Search! Seems very pure and the flavor is good. Thank you for your product!

  99. Kerim


  100. Pepper Pot

    I’m pulling out all the stops in times of Covid and addind Bee Pollen back to my morning smoothies and yogurt. You can’t be too careful – and I’m hoping this helps! I buy a lot from Alovitox because I have found the quality to be great and I appreciate the minimal packaging that everything comes in. I’m not paying for a container that comes half filled with air like other brands. I get a very nice resealable pouch that fits in my pantry easily. Thank you for that! This Bee Pollen tastes and feels like exactly what I wanted!

  101. Yann Baillargeon

    Tel que décrit!

  102. Marcia Lacerda

    I bought Alovitox products a couple of times already, and I take the bee pollen as a supplement daily. It’s a very good product, and I’ll continue buying it. Shipping was quick and very good customer service.

  103. Art Smith

    Awesome bee pollen

    Thank you

  104. sylvie

    Natural B vitamins that gives me a boost of natural energy daily

  105. psilocyber

    I love this stuff in my smoothies and oatmeal. I actually crave it! Im told it helps with inflammation and helps keep your liver healthy.
    I also have a 64 year old Amazon parrot (yes!64!) who is a very picky eater and I put it in his soft food ecery morning to stimulate his appetite. He gets really excited when he sees me get out the bag.

  106. raymonde binette

    very satisfied

  107. Deborah

    Excellent product

  108. Living Life

    I have no problem with this product I buy it all the time when ever I am out I order more

  109. Elaine

    Used for energy.

  110. F.L

    We use it when the weather gets colder to boost our inmune system and to clear respiratory air ways. Its really good.

  111. 4AHigherGood

    I like to add this to me smoothie routine in the morning…


    Good quality

  113. eddie

    Don’t eat pollen if you’re allergic to pollen. This is a great product. You can tell it hasn’t been exposed to high temperatures. It’s soft and potent.

  114. Carol A. Neri

    This is easy to sprinkle on cereal or oatmeal. Super healthy for you. Love it.

  115. Theodore Campbell

    When i open my Bee Pollen it was nothing but rocks and lumps. must have been old and not fresh.May need to try another Brand.

  116. marjorie reynolds

    I love the bee pollen granules, I add them to my chia bowls. I add them to my boyfriend’s cereal & oatmeal!! They add just the right amount of sweetness.

  117. Ms. K

    Made in China. Looks and tastes fake. Color is all uniform – looks manufactured like many things from this country. They don’t allow refunds, so buyer beware.

  118. Marsha

    I use this every day in my morning groats and I feel it’s very healthy.

  119. Milud

    Very good product

  120. JohnB

    I purchased this first and it had great smell and taste. Then I purchased another brand and was totally disappointed. This is the very best I have found: it smells great, it tasted sweet and good. I will purchase more!!!

  121. yaneth

    Good product but still not sure if it’s 100. % organic

  122. Shane

    First of all, the package was so difficult to open. The resealable zipper part would not open so i had to cut the whole thing open and put it in a ziploc bag. There were lots of big chunks of powder clumped together that I then had to break up. Finally, it tastes very bitter and almost made me gag. Apparently this item is not returnable which sucks, so I just wasted $20. :/

  123. TG

    Very bitter.

  124. Nash HH

    Excellent value. Been on pollen for a long time. This is the best packaged and best priced I have bought. Will be buying more. And I have bought more.

  125. sandra grimm

    My beardon dragon will not go near her food when this stuff is on it. It smells gross and is super clumpy. I would return it but it says its not eligible for return

  126. Wesley Mason

    the bee pollen came quick and is a great product

  127. priscilla stelluti

    Terrible taste!

  128. T.

    The powder had coagulated into big chunks that could only be broken down using a food processor.

  129. Kameryn J.

    Bearded Dragon

  130. Kendra

    Great bee pollen in a value size!

  131. FR paving


  132. djhelmuth

    I purchased this brand of Bee Pollen last September and it was great…slightly sweet and I used it all. Ordered it again this past week. What I received looked the same except it is clumpy…like it got wet at some point. But the taste was the killer. It is so bitter and nasty tasting that it’s completely unusable. I would love to return it for another bag of it, but amazon tells me it’s an “unreturnable item”. So that’s a $20 bill gone with no recourse. So I guess it’s a gamble…one that I won’t take again since I won’t be buying from this seller again!!

  133. Amazon Customer

    This is from China. Buyer beware, had I known where this was from I never would’ve purchased it.

  134. ann P.

    Good product!

  135. silvia de anda

    I started taking Bee pollen supplement in small amounts after a pneumonia because my energy was almost non-existent. To my surprise after a week of taking it I began to feel an improvement. There were other unexpected benefits, my menopausal symptoms were decreasing, my psoriasis attacks reduced, my skin was looking better as well my hair and all that happened in a period of 2 months!!! So I researched and bought a book about bee products. Now I even give bee pollen to my pets and I use other bee products for my health.

  136. Kindle Customer

    I really like the taste of bee pollen and I try and put it on everything

  137. IT Guy

    This product is superior to the others I have tried in the past. My friend ordered from a competitor on Amazon and we compared the two products. Alovitox is far superior. This pollen is more uniform and does not have unknown materials in it. The other pollen we tried from the other supplier had sand, or possibly glass, mixed in with the pollen, making one very uneasy when there was a disconcerting crunch in your mouth after eating a spoonful. Alovitox pollen, on the other hand, is flavorful, has good color, is not powdery in the package, and goes down smoothly! I highly recommend this supplement for health and energy.

  138. Paul

    I actually ordered 2 bags for my mother. 1st bag was fine. However when she went to open the 2nd bag, It was actually ground flax instead and past the window to return item. Very disappointed since the outside of bad clearly indicated bee pollen.

  139. dave kirkham

    Very pleased. No chalky mouth feel in smoothies. Big bag that will last. Very pleased and will order again when we need it. Shipped very fast. Fresh too.

  140. Nancy J Young

    Not USA

  141. Sayonara

    Rico en sabor

  142. Amazon Customer

    Did not realize that this is a product if China when I made the purchase. Will not buy again.

  143. Anthony Pardi

    Nutty flavor slightly sweet nice in oatmeal

  144. HappyTester

    Works for me !! : )

  145. Jena

    Yuck! That’s all I can say. The taste is super bitter ruined my smoothies. Tried many different ways to cover the flavor but Nope! Might throw it outside and see if some bees want it

  146. harmony

    This bee pollen was a lot more processed then I’m used to. This is the kind of bee pollen that you would put in capsules because it is ground down so fine to a powder whereas normal bee pollen would start to clump up when it grabs on to each other. Normal bee pollen is very slightly thicker than this it’s super bitter when you initially taste it too instead of having that sweetness ultimately it is bee pollen so I’ll accept it but I’m not happy about it

  147. Alex Pearson

    So this is definitely a good value for the money. It’s quite a large bag and seems to taste pretty decent.

    Only con is it had a giant hunk of dead bee in the bag…which in some ways is a bit of a pro, since that shows its actually natural…?

    But I digress. Good product with free dead bee gift with purchase.

  148. Amazon Customer

    This is an acquired taste. Good when mixed with oak meal

  149. Danilla Mayster

    Even though it tastes ok, Bee pollen is supposed to have all shades of yellow gold and brown not just yellow! Then I saw that its a product of China which makes sense. Also its a prime item but it isn’t eligible for return! Disappointed.

  150. Misty

    I use this for smoothies and I like it.

  151. Amazon Customer

    Great product!! Arrived on time.

  152. Octavio Prado Simanca

    Este producto Lo he utilizado como suplemento alimenticio, se nota su frescura lo cual le da un buen sabor.

  153. maria mata

    good product

  154. Easter Repuya

    too pricey

  155. kim kinzel

    It dissolves easily, and tastes good. Love this product

  156. Charlotte Field

    The pollen is great for us to eat. I also feed back to my bees they love it.

  157. Robert Sanders

    Good Product

  158. simon lacorne

    this comes from china. you may get a more tastefull product from a more local product. in spite of that, nice product but won’t buy it again.

  159. A A

    Muy buen sabor y frescura, se puede combinar con todo 👍

  160. Park

    I’ve been taking Alovitox Bee Pollen Granules for about a month now. I’ve been taking this product first thing in the morning with a cup of tea. Since been on this product, I noticed that it boosts my energy so that I won’t feel sluggish in the morning which I used to feel before taking this product.

  161. Avril

    Heard about this from a friend so I decided to try it out.

  162. Fernanda

    Este producto en el caso de mi hija fue un milagro despues de tanto sufrir alegia al polen lon los ojos inchados , llorozos los estornudos y el escurrimiento nasal vi un video en tik tok que alguien lo recomendo lo tratamos y luego de darde la primera dosis en un par de horas sus ojos dejaron de llorar y alcabo de aproximandamente 3 a 4 dias ya no tenia ni rastro de la alergia gracias a Dios puso este producto ante mis ojos ayer que salimos a caminar a un lugar lleno de arboles pudo gozar de la caminata sin tener la picazon de cara 🙏🙏🙏

  163. Honest Review Only

    If the product wasn’t as nice as it is I’d have to give this company 5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ based on customer service alone! I had one question and they were on top it that email within the hour with a quality answer plus more information that was exceptionally helpful. Anyway, the product itself is packed is a heavy foil resealable stay fresh package. It’s a beautiful color and has a great scent. Just what I was looking for. I bought I to entice my bearded dragon to eat his salad better and it’s working great however, the health benefits for me a pretty great so I don’t think George my dragon will mind sharing his bee pollen.

  164. Dawn B

    I use this for my bearded dragon to entice him to eat his veggies. When I powder it on them, he engulfs them.

  165. Diyan Dimov

    My wife love it

  166. B2dm2k

    It was delicious and tasty! I enjoyed it.

  167. Brenda Marshall

    I have taken Bee Pollen Granules for 30 years and I find this product superior. It is easy to swallow and has a pleasant taste.

  168. Michael J. Colon Leach

    Great stuff

  169. Kos

    Good product.

  170. Kevin Wachowiak

    AMAZING stuff! Tastes sweet but a little bitter. This is my second bag and I absolutely love this product! It’s full of vitamins like B12 which provides me energy in the morning. I mix it with my oatmeal and I hardly notice it’s there. Will definitely continue to buy!!

  171. Kristy Lisk

    My bearded dragons love this sprinkled on their greens!!!

  172. Tyler Carriere

    1 teaspoon with my morning coffee, 1 teaspoon with my yogurt for lunch and 1 teaspoon with my tea before bed, my body been feeling more in balance lately, I feel that my digestive system functions better and healthier, I feel more energetic throughout my days, pure quality bee pollen

  173. Russell

    I have been taking bee pollen for quite sometime now. This is the worst taste of any brand I have tried. It’s almost a little fishy… Can’t quite describe but don’t like it very much.

  174. Monica Mann

    Warning on Website not on package.

  175. Travon Martin

    This is very bee pollen-y

  176. Kyle M.

    Our Bearded dragon enjoys it

  177. Artlover

    Our birds love these granules. They seem to get a lot of energy after eating them. Flying all over the house. Amped on pollen. Hehe

  178. Amazon Customer

    Amazon description said this was organic. It was not organic. False advertisement! Then when I went to return, it said item was not eligible for the return or refund. I eventually got through to Amazon and they refunded my account and said they would handle the issue with the third party. But I went through all the trouble and still can’t use the product because it’s not organic as bee pollen should be when consumed.

  179. T AMIRI

    Just to let you know the product is made of China, I will not be eating this. I found out after it was delivered


    flavor is overpowering but i think it’s doing something

  181. Jeremiah Parent

    Couldn’t tell you if this product is good or not. Bag came with a slice in it. It comes from china so who knows how long it’s been open. Tried to return and there’s a no return policy. Looked over the whole item page and can’t seem to find where it says anything about this no return policy otherwise this would’ve never been a purchase. Waste of money

  182. Igor M Portnoy

    do not buy this product, tastes bad, product is from CHINA, made under questionable conditions, get product that is from Europe or USA made

  183. Marjolaine Masson

    J’aime beaucoup pour ses bienfaits.

  184. KRB

    I purchased in place of my fave pricier brand that I love. This pollen is a great value but I deducted two stars: 1- Product claims to be organic, but I’m not sure it is, it doesn’t actually state it’s organic on pack… 2- The flavor is a bit off. It could be the plastic bag, but something about the flavor is strange, almost chemical like. Three stars as it’s still a great value but will switch back to my previous fave.

  185. Josué Linares

    Amo El polen es mi nectar para no enfermar de nada respecto a las vias respiratorias.
    Lo que es bueno para la Salud nunca sera con UN sabor excelente y que Les guste a todos. Pero yo siempre Veo El beneficio. Aunque sepa feo y huela no Rico, yo prefiero comerlo que alrato estar enfermo

  186. Laurence

    It smells like the fields. I run it through the grinder and add it to MyGreens. It tastes kinda funny if you eat it out of the bag.

  187. Bobby

    I would not buy it again produced in china

  188. Client d’Amazon

    It taste super sour but its a nice plus when you mixed in with other things! I love putting thats stuffs mix with milk!
    Great product.

  189. Concerned customer

    Not organic
    From China
    No 30day return policy

  190. Justin Rhodes

    Let’s be honest none of us are buying bee pollen for the flavor. Don’t eat it on its own and you’ll be fine. Make it in a smoothie. Make an açaí bowl. Live forever.

  191. JCD

    Quick delivery. Good packaging. Pouch will stand up on a shelf. Pouch is resealable. Product is free flowing.

  192. Rae

    I searched to see where the product was sourced. The company’s webpage made it seem like either the states or New Zealand and when I got it it said product of China. Not impressed as they was the one place I didn’t want my bee pollen from

  193. Amazon Customer

    It has a very strong odor that unless I mix it with strong liquid, it is very hard to eat. I bought a small jar from a local beekeeper and there’s a slight smell in the jar. Not like this. Bought this for our dogs to keep their coats shine..not sure yet if i see any improvement

  194. David H. Baldwin

    Very bland and unappealing taste that does not compare to Eco Bee Farms. I would never knowingly buy any food product made in China and I am throwing this product in the garbage where it belongs.

  195. Luciana H.

    The quality and taste was above my expectations. I highly recommend Alovitox to whoever is searching for a bee pollen. I will definitely try the other products they also have for sure. 10 out oh 1 to 10

  196. Salem Kallel

    I have added a tablespoon of this item to my steel cut Oat meal for many years and I love it.

  197. Pdubya

    I have purchased about four or five different brands of bee pollen now and really enjoy it in yogurt or on a salad occasionally. Few brands have been not so great with heart granules in the lack of flavor. This brand stands out with really good taste , smell and I even like that the resealable package it came in actually works well too!👍

  198. Agata

    I bought Bee Pollen Powder with the hope of helping my body with Hashimoto’s disease. The powder tastes well with warm milk and honey. I’m also going to use it as a face mask (with honey and egg yolk). I definitely prefer this supplementation than taking pills. I recommend !

  199. Love2Earth: I mean IT

    EXACTLY like they should be! This is not about FLAVOR- it’s not a snack. It’s a SUPPLEMENT!

    Do I LIKE pollen: yes! A quick spoonful! I do remember while I was 24.. I felt yucked by the INTENSITY: like all food, your body AWARENESS tells you. I might have taken EXCESS back then. AGAIN:


  200. bob redden

    How was I supposed to know that? I killed a bunch of my girls when I put this out for them.

  201. Darlena camp

    I get instant energy from Bee Pollen but what I love the most is it is the most natural way for any accidents and energy I just love it and recommend it to anyone and everyone..

  202. Maria A.

    So far, this product works for me…. taste is nice and mild…

  203. Luk Suk

    I love this bee pollen. I put it in my blueberry smoothies and on top of my yogurt. It’s one of the world’s best superfood and gives me energy that I desperately need.

  204. R. Rosenbalm

    I’ve enjoyed adding bee pollen to my morning routine for the past 5-6 years!! I LOVE the convenience and value of ALOVITOX All natural bee pollen granules. So easy to add into my smoothies every morning and I know I’ll stay energized all day while taking care of students!

  205. mike

    I’ve only been using it for a while but I feel better seems to have a little more energy.

  206. Kindle Customer

    I’ve eaten bee pollen for awhile, but this stuff tastes horrible. No refunds? DO NOT RECOMMEND!

  207. revital oz

    Love this healthy sweet product. It is enhanced my morning smoothies :))))

  208. Ron K.

    Product was delivered within two days.
    It is everything as advertised

  209. flowergirl

    Product mixed easily with other foods without the taste taking over. No problem digesting.

  210. Marine

    I had been looking for bee pollen granules for a while. I ordered this online not sure how it would be. The price was perfect and the product arrives very quickly. I made acai bowls regularly for the whole family, and this is a very healthy addition. Thank you! I know I will buy again!

  211. Cindy R.

    I didn’t realize this was a product of China and the pollution there is terrible. I would never have ordered it had I known that. That was my own fault.

  212. Richard Pyette

    I like this porduct

  213. MALI

    So grateful for this bee pollen! Quality is great, you get so much in this for the price and it’s among one of the most nutritious foods on the planet. Absolutely recommend this.

  214. Lyne L.

    This is a great way to easily boost your health. I just sprinkled some on my soup and will add some to my fruit yogurt later.

  215. Real Balanced

    I received this product as part of a sponsored campaign. Used the bee pollen powder in homemade low-carb fudge – AMAZING. We couldn’t stop eating them!! Love this stuff.

  216. Nitras

    I add it to my açaí bowl and it is just right! I highly recommend this item! I will purchase again!

  217. Ashley Stachniak

    I ordered the Bee Pollen for my dog with allergies. You can smell honey as soon as you open the bag. So much easier to add this to my dogs food over honey. I enjoy the taste and so does my dog. So far I have been happy with this product.

  218. Sheilah

    I have used granulated bee pollen for years and would just simply eat a spoonful. Using the powdered form from Alovitox is easier–add it to your smoothie, yogurt, etc., and enjoy the benefit of bees and Alovitox for keeping natural energy fresh and affordable.

  219. Clair

    Good taste, great price

  220. Tatum kanuha

    Super great product! Came really fast and we use it everyday on our Acai bowls love it!

  221. Peter Banks

    good quality but flavor could be better

  222. Bobby

    I’ve always used bee pollen before a workout for the pure proteins and B vitamins. Places can get super expensive but I bought this at a reasonable price and was curious about the freshness. After using it for a cpl weeks I fell in love with it

  223. Ashley Garland

    Love to add these on my yogurt in the morning! Super tasty! Love this brand!

  224. MC2

    I’ve had many different local and regionally produce bee pollen. This tastes, feels, and smells nothing like any other bee pollen I’ve tried. The taste is terrible. I can’t quite put my finger on the taste but it doesn’t taste like be pollen. The texture is really moist and gummy which was off putting. The smell was pungent and almost rancid. Overall I would suggest to buy something produced in north america, not this Chinese bee pollen.

  225. itspieflavor

    Arrived quickly and was very fresh. Great for mixing with herbal teas to really give you a good mixture of vitamins and minerals!

  226. Jeff Ganote

    Has a bad smell and taste, suppose to smell floral.There is an expiration (sticker) on the back, super shady no other product has an additional sticker with expiration date! Also in pictures below says can contain lead and cadmium! Made in China! If I knew this I would nor have purchased.

  227. Mk 47

    When I first opened the package I knew it was not what I had seen on the description of the product.

  228. Matt Sweeney

    I am a big believer in bee pollen and I encourage everyone to add it to their health regiment. It gives me a boost. This bee pollen is of the highest quality and the taste is really good. I am a big fan. I find that the price is excellent also.!

  229. Jason

    Overall the product itself was exceptional quality and exactly is listed. I’m not sure I saw the benefits that other people indicated in online post, but it was not something that I found unappealing

  230. jeffrey bradley

    Taste is potent, but bearable.

  231. Natalie

    Got this for my bearded dragon to sprinkle on to his salads, and he loves it.

  232. Mehdi abbaspour

    I use on spoon every day. It helps me to recover faster from Covid and hair grow.

  233. Carilee McNeil

    Could not wait to get my bee pollen and get started on it, nature’s perfect food!

  234. Lux21

    Huge bag. Great taste and goes really well in smoothies. Highly recommend!!

  235. hyun shin

    It has a lot of Beans powder with some other kinds of things.
    Spend more money for better one

  236. Roman Augustyn

    I just received the product today. Fantastic packaging! Perfectly sealed. Looking forward to incorporate bee pollen in my diet.

  237. Nigel Felix

    First of all I didn’t expect that the taste would be as good as it was that I can eat it just like that

  238. Megan Boss

    The smell that came out of this bag when you open it should be illegal. The granules don’t break. I’m out $20 as I’m not feeding this stuff to anyone.

  239. Chico

    The item came in fast and taste great. Product is worth the purchase!

  240. George Brugess

    Product came on time, the packaging was great, and it’s a quality product. I use as a healthy sweeter mixed with cacao, maca, and cinnamon.

  241. Travis A.

    Tastes fresh and great blue for the price. I would recommend!

  242. Erik W.

    I have tried a lot of these products with bee pollen but I love how this one does not have a strong aftertaste and really complements my shakes every morning, I’ve even used it directly in the water and start it up. Bee pollen is such a great nutritional value for your body.

  243. Denise Gunson

    I’m happy with this bee pollen! It tastes great! I’ll add it to yogurt, salads, smoothies, or just eat a teaspoon on its on!

  244. PartnerV

    I can’t believe that I was fooled by all the slick marketing! Too many products from China are tainted! Their track record on environmental concerns is horrific! That is only exceeded by their incredible forced organ harvesting, and many other civil rights abuses! These are personal opinions only!

  245. Laura D

    I don’t know why people are complaining so much, I really enjoyed it. I got it to add to my yoghurt instead of using granola and it’s perfect for that! I love that the yoghurt kind of melts it after a while and starts to look more like honey, kind of cool to see the effect. I noticed it increased my libido and also increased my energy. I have. It tried it in smoothies, but I doubt I will since I like the crunchiness it has in a yoghurt. I think it might also be good in ice cream as a topping. I’m definitely going to get more for my boyfriend as it can help with testosterone as well as estrogen levels for women.

  246. A. Ladd

    This brand of Bee Pollen granule dissolves quite well when mixing with a shake, smoothie, or salad. I have been using this brand for a few weeks feeling some good measures and energy would recommend this brand.

  247. kelleemar


  248. Wellington Martinez

    This product is truly amazing, I will be a costumer for life, furthermore the customer service is excellent.

  249. Charles S.

    Great supplement from nature.

  250. Natalie Elias

    Great quality and quantity for the price.

  251. Shane Green

    This product was promptly delivered and it is high quality, pure Bee Pollen with no additives. I recommend this product. Thank you. Shane Green

  252. Michael Nash

    This was pretty good! It tastes good and is good value for the money. I use this primarily for chameleons (although I eat it too) and it fits the bill great. Seems to be high quality and I’d buy it again.

  253. MichaelWP

    This bee pollen powder product has been helping in my return to optimum health. A few days after starting on it (today marks the 10th day), I now feel I have more energy, in addition to a significant reduction in fatigue. Today is day I imagine that with the different sources reporting of it’s being a superfood, and with the array of benefits that the sources list, I’ll be experiencing more of its healing properties.

  254. john m james

    The last bee pollen i bought had a bitter taste but this brand was ok. Both brands came from china so i don`t know what went wrong with the last batch.

  255. Michael G Hedler

    Being grounded into a powder form is easier for the body to absorb all the nutrients and benefits of the product. I mix it in my smoothies oatmeal and morning cocktail of herbs honey apple cider vinagar and lemon juice. Only draw back is the seal on the packaging. Yes I would recommend this product

  256. Khrystel_Fit

    Feeling good so I’m gonna keep having it with my breakfast protein partition haven’t tried with anything else yet too 🙃

  257. HeatherH

    I had tried another brand first that had very large/hard granules that didn’t break-up or soak into my yogurt properly. I haven’t had that problem with this brand! Seems powder was the way to go and it worked fantastic in my smoothie! The powder had a great smell and texture! Very happy!

  258. Madelyn Dotson

    I ordered this for my beardie because I heard it makes them want their veggies. She’s still picky, but I think it helps a little. I have no problems with the product. It came exactly as described.

  259. Yasin Bennane

    Have bought bee pollen before from a competitor and this one is superior. The smell, taste, and freshness of the product so much better. The bag is very large which adds to the value of the product. I will buy this again.

  260. Andre D Bercot

    I am very much enjoying the delicious flavor. This bee pollen powder tastes very similar to honey. I am adding this to my diet to benefit from the numerous vitamins and minerals that bee pollen contains. Alovitox bee pollen is fresh and a good value.

  261. Amaurer

    Someone told me about bee pollen and it’s health benefits. I did my research and decided to try it . I add this powder to my smoothies in the morning. Can’t really describe the flavor because I mix it with other things. I feel like I had a cup of coffee after adding this to my smoothies.

  262. Funlollies

    Horrible for those with any pollen allergies

  263. Shane bakke

    Quick delivery, good packaging, product as described. Thanks!

  264. Yair Lurie

    Ive been taking Bee Pollen for over 8 years. This is the brand I’ve been taking for over a year now. I’d probably best be served by purchasing local bee pollen. I do when I can. But since I take Bee Pollen in my smoothies every morning this is the best value. I like the packaging, freshness and smell.

  265. E A

    I love this. I have so much energy and feel great. My parrots love it too. Will order again.

  266. Sophia adawi

    Can be added to some snacks/ drinks as an alternative for honey

  267. Cary

    I’ve been using this product for a very time long time. The package is always fresh, and I really enjoying use it in my breakfast smoothies. Texture is very fine and soft powder. I can’t wait to try their other products!

  268. Paul G

    I suffered from episodic chronic prostatits for many years. I read a study that was done with Bee Pollen in which 73 percent of men using bee pollen experienced marked improvement of symptoms. I have been using this product for about a week and so far have had great success.

  269. Melanye

    I bought this product for my reptiles, as well as my cat and they love it! It’s super healthy for all of them! I give 1/2 teaspoon a day to my cat and sprinkle it onto all 3 of my reptiles’ meals.

  270. brendida

    Tiene un sabor muy mal, lo encargué porque pensé que sabía igual que un producto que avía comprado en una tienda naturista pero en realidad nada que ver!

  271. wc

    Great taste. Will buy it again.

  272. Tamara

    I liked the vacuum sealed freshness. The product has great color and smell to it. You get a lot more than you think in this package.

  273. Vid Powell

    Feel the energy

  274. Denise

    I will admit I have no idea what to make from bee pollen. I do know that my bearded dragon loves the stuff though and he says A+

  275. Patrick Knight

    Product packaging was punctured upon receiving

  276. K Stephan

    Boosts our smoothies with no added flavor. Great health benefits. We couldn’t find pollen at stores so this is a great buy.

  277. Jennifer A.

    This stuff is great!! Highly recommended!!! I am using it for myself and my Veiled Chameleon A+ product ! Definetly will be purchasing more very soon!!!

  278. Lew

    I did not care about the foul smell, and I really don’t know what the smell should be. My only interest is , will this give me an energy boost, NOT !! After taking 3 gram daily doses for two weeks I was more fatigued. So into the trash and I feel great.

  279. Teresa Long

    I seen a TV show that discussed the health benefits of bee pollen. Like that it is easy to store, use, and can be added to virtually anything to boost your nutrition.

  280. Fred of the North

    You get a lot. Will last a while.

  281. Heather A

    This lasts a long time and I eat it everyday. Quality product, good taste and helps with energy.

  282. Lawrence R. Lassek

    The bee pollen is fresh and very helpful with my energy and health.

  283. Carie Walton

    My bearded dragon loves his greens now!

  284. karen fleming

    I tired a powder this time, it is easy and works as it should. Would buy it again, thanks.

  285. Antonio dominguez

    Muy rico pero ami mama no le cayo muy bien no tenia fuerzas y todo el dia en cama quisiera poder hablar con un profecional sobe este producto y por que causo estos problemas en ella

  286. Donna and Umesh

    I only received this product yesterday but I am happy with it. I am actually using it to help my dog with her allergies. Call me crazy but I am not day with her and I already see improvement!!

  287. J. MacDonald

    Bought this to help initiate a bumble bee. Seems to be working splendidly.


    I have taken this Bee pollen for a long time, this is nature great supplement, everyone should take this product, and all bee by product.

  289. Anna

    The seller says the bee pollen is sourced from China but the bag I got said it’s from India. I don’t know who to believe but I bought this for my bearded dragon. He, normally, like bee pollen and I’d dust his vegetables with it so he’d eat. I tried this powder a few times since I haven’t had to chance to go out. For some reason, he wouldn’t touch his food when I use this brand

  290. Julia Suvorova

    I liked the taste. I’ve had some good bee pollen and some bad ones. This one has a good taste to it and it’s definitely not as expensive as some other brands.

  291. Lb52

    No issues with packaging, use as vitamin supplement.

  292. Linda Custer

    This product was highly recommended to my husband and I by our holisic provider and chiropractor. We
    are plant based and know the important of Vitamin B. We have been taking this product now for about 6 months, we love it and are planning to continue to take it daily. We can tell a huge difference when we do not take it low energy level , feeling tired and sluggish. It gives us the energy we need to get through our day. We have recommended this product to our friends and family.

  293. Paul Riche

    Muy buen producto

  294. Erich J.

    It is exactly what I needed when I ordered the product. I have used other brands before and this one taste better for me.

  295. Anna

    I love how easy it is to add this to my oatmeal, yogurt, or bagel with cream cheese. It’s easy nutrition that fuels my body.

  296. Sandra Y

    Have been adding this product to my smoothies, yogurt, and acai bowls! Helps with my seasonal allergies (just a sprinkle/a tablespoon. Super crunchy. The taste is not that bad – if you mix it with something crunchy like granolas you can’t tell. Takes a few days to see results but overall, my seasonal allergies are down. I would recommend!

  297. teresa morrill

    This is a great product, has a good flavor and texture dissolves well in smoothies and drinks. This works amazingly well for multiple health relate issues.

  298. Karabeth Borresen

    I should have looked closer. This is not from the United States and so I won’t be using these Bee Pollen granules. Bummer.

  299. Sean Prescott

    This product is from China. Instant redflags. It
    Does not state organic in on the bag.
    We do not know if the plants the bee’s were feeding from were sprayed with pesticides. As the regulations are quite a bit different.
    I gotta say i dont fully trust the product. If i new that it was coming from China, i would not have purchased it.

  300. D Train

    I have been having a spoonful of bee pollen every morning for years now. Good organic pollen contains a unique combination of nutrients that I find provides me a number of health benefits. The Alovitox Bee Pollen Granules I’m currently using have a delicious floral flavor as they melt in my mouth. I highly recommend these granules for their flavor and health benefits!

  301. maria rivera

    Excelente, muy buen precio

  302. Chloe

    So I got this for my bearded dragon and he absolutely loves it in his greens

  303. Lisa L

    Not sure on flavor as this was bought for my dormice, they eat it so I’m happy

  304. Melissa M

    This bee pollen is perfect for smoothies, putting over yogurt or mixing into granola. It has a finer texture and therefore isn’t gritty or difficult to blend. The company is also very responsive

  305. yoyo

    I add it to smoothies and sprinkle on my salads… I love the taste!

  306. Lady Elva

    I was having a hard time getting my bearded dragon, Zippy, to eat his greens. I sprinkled the fine powder on his food with his calcium powder and boom, he scarfs down his food easily! Definitely worth it if you’re having the same problem I was.

  307. R. Ellis

    I started a keto diet and I have been feeling a little run down. Since taking Alovitox Bee Pollen Granules 2 times a day I have felt more energy. I take one spoon full in the morning and one in the evening. I also have a sense of well being. I am very happy taking this product.

  308. Heaether Venetucci-johnson

    This is a great buy for the money. The bag is stuffed and the product is great.

  309. Lily Pad

    My bearded dragon had stop eating her vegetables. I read were they love Bee Pollen. I sprinkled some on top of her food and mixed it in. She now cleans her plate clean. Highly recommend.

  310. lesdy

    Decent amount for the price 🙂

  311. Sophie D.

    Excellent produit!

  312. M jergens

    Great product fresh and non clumping

  313. Greg Gillis

    One can instantly tell that the Chinese bee pollen lacks the variety copiously found among American bee pollen. It has a flavor near what I would call “sickly sweet garlic”. If you can, avoid this product and wait to get some bee pollen from bees in the USA.

    These granules are also not moist – almost completely dry, and it takes a while for them to dissolve to a paste in your mouth. Avoid if possible.

  314. Michael polsky

    Nothing to dislike here. Bee pollen is great tasting, great texture and very well priced

  315. Jan McCall

    My husband says he isn’t crazy about the flavor but will eat it when mixed with food i,e, vegetables, mashed potatoes etc.

  316. Gary M Pirkle

    I’ve decided to take bee pollen instead of eating honey and this product is great tasting and easy to use.

  317. Tatyana Figueiredo

    Video Player is loading.

  318. Bernardin

    We ordered this Bee pollen to make our smoothies more nutritious. We have been really satisfied so far. It’s easy to use and it doesn’t alter the taste of the smoothies. We are half way through our first bag and we will be ordering again for sure.

  319. G-Snap

    I’ve bought bee pollen many times before but this one tasted bitter and had tiny fragments of hard rocks that could have damaged my teeth (as pictured). This came from half a tsp of bee pollen I added to my smoothie bowl. Also can’t be returned – wasted $20. Seller offered free product for a review.

  320. Jim

    Every spring, summer and fall I use a nasal spray to help me deal with seasonal pollen in spring, summer & fall. I started taking bee pollen in September 2021 building up to a tablespoon dose each day. As of today, I no longer need a nasal spray to get through the day. It’s GREAT! No sinus headaches, sneezing or watery eyes. This is a daily supplement I will take year round every year.

  321. Larissa

    These graduals are the best thing I never knew I needed! I just recently researched the benefits of adding these to your food or just taking as a regular supplement, and I am definitely reaping the benefits! I feel so good eating this and even my dogs love it!

  322. The Wellness Patriot

    I will not be re-purchasing this brand of bee pollen. There were way too many rocks that no doubt damaged some of my teeth and pre-existing fillings. I purchased a different brand and had that one this morning. Wow, the flavor is so much better.

  323. Erik

    We put these in smoothies every day.

  324. Amazon Customer


  325. anonymous

    I am so disappointed…
    I bought this because it was less expensive than Beekeeper’s brand. But, I don’t like the taste at all. I can grin and bare it, will finish the product, and see how it goes. I don’t want to waste the product, and it is fresh.

  326. Karen Hofer

    It tastes sour with sand in it. I’m very unhappy with this product. I’ve purchased before and it was way different. I want a refund.

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