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Low Carb Sugar Syrup
Maca Powder Buy Online

Organic Maca Gelatinized Powder

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Derived from the Maca plant found growing in the high plateaus of the Andes Mountains of Central Peru, our Organic Maca Gelatinized Powder is excellent for improving energy and stamina.


The benefits of Maca Gelatinized Powder may include:

  • Boosts libido in both men and women
  • Increased fertility in men
  • Relief from symptoms of menopause
  • Improve mood, reduce anxiety and symptoms of depression
  • Boost energy and increase sports performance
  • Enhanced learning and memory skills
Best Keto Substitute For Brown Sugar

At Alovitox, we are committed to making sure that doesn’t happen. It’s not all our doing, and we can’t take credit for it all, but the majority of our Yacon root is grown on very steep and hard to reach plateaus, and that makes it very difficult for any machinery to reach or transport the yacon from the dispersed patches of harvest.

Organic Maca Gelatinized Powder

Organic Maca Gelatinized Powder

Maca is a potent superfood root known as “Peruvian Ginsing” from the root of the ancestral plant (Lepidium Meyenii) grown above 4000 meters on the Andes Mountains of Peru. It has been used by indigenous Andean societies as a miracle food for thousands of years. Alovitox Gelatini-zed Maca Powder is a concentrated form made by extracting the starch – which makes the nutrition easier to digest and absorb.

The Facts

Guaranteed freshness.

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead and cadmium, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer or birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information click here.

Best Keto Sugar Substitute

Suggested Use

Add a serving of powder to juices, smoothies, shakes, oatmeal, dessert, yogurt, baked goods and in hot drinks such as chocolate.

Why You Will Love It

Cultivated for at least 3,000 years, Organic Maca Gelatinized Powder is made by dehydrating the plant’s root and transformed into its current form for consumption. Its taste is often said to be somewhat earthy and nutty with hints of butterscotch.

Organic Maca Gelatinized Powder is highly nutritious and filled with essential vitamins and minerals. It contains protein, iron, dietary fiber, Vitamin C, and potassium.

Substitute For Confectioners Sugar
Organic Maca Gelatinized Powder
Low Carb Sugar Syrup
Best Keto Substitute For Brown Sugar
Maca Powder Buy Online
Organic Maca Gelatinized Powder

Organic Maca Gelatinized Powder


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