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Why Cacao Nibs Are The #1 Guilt-free Snack

by Hadi Zahedi 26 Jul 2017

The best way to nibble chocolate!

Snacking is a guilty pleasure that we can all admit to. We each indulge in the foods that we know we shouldn’t way more often than not – our sneaky treats that we “eat now and worry about later.”

But why worry at all when you can eliminate food from your conscience and snack with certainty?!

Today, we can turn things around for the better. Now, there is no need to feel ashamed or shy away when your pals ask you what it is you are nibbling on . . .

Alovitox Cacao Nibs Naturally Sweetened with Yacon Syrup take naughty nibbles to a new level of moreish and acceptable delight!

(Now your only concern is whether to share or not! Because here is a new sensation that leaves room to reach back for more!)

Go ahead, have another & share with friends!

For the first time in your dieting history, you can eat chocolate and be loud and proud. No more hiding what you are eating or lying to yourself. The time has come where you can choose to snack on something that you love without feeling an ounce of guilt!

Raw Cacao that create Alovitox Cacao Nibs come from pods of ‘The Theobroma Tree.’

Raw Cacao that create Alovitox Cacao Nibs come from pods of ‘The Theobroma Tree.

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With all the great flavour of chocolate, without the horrible nasties or excess sugar it takes to make it taste good – you can rely on Cacao nibs made by Alovitox because they are 100% naturally sweetened with Alovitox Pure Yacon Syrup.

Get the best out of those daily snacks between meals, top up your energy and elevate your mood!

So many benefits of Alovitox Cacao Nibs!

Where to begin?

Cacao is the unprocessed and raw form of chocolate that has come directly from ‘The Theobroma Tree!’ On the tree are pods that contain beans and let’s see just how beneficial these are to eat:

alovitox cacao nibs

Then, just to make this wonder-snack just that bit more appealing, Alovitox have to add their extremely tasty natural sweetener Pure Yacon Syrup!

Cacao nibs can be quite bitter without adding the extra ingredient, but here are the advantages of opting for this instead of sugar:

  • Low Glycemic Index
  • Provides vitamins & minerals
  • Contains essential fatty acids
  • Great source of protein, carbs & fibers plus
  • Healthy compounds!

So seriously! There is no reason why you cannot go and give these delicious snacks a whirl – they have everything you need to feel guilt-free and enjoy! Wave goodbye to those sugary naughties and say hello to a healthier happier lifestyle!

Trust in Alovitox to bring to you the best certified organic ingredients. Click here to try out ‘Alovitox Cacao Nibs Naturally Sweetened with Yacon Syrup’ at a limited time offer special discounted price!

*DISCLAIMER: No article or blog on this website is written with the intention to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease nor is it to substitute professional medical advice. All information and opinions are solely written strictly for educational purposes. There are no ingredients approved by the FDA and results will vary depending on the individual – none of which are ever guaranteed.


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