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31 Reasons to Quit Unhealthy Snacks & Choose Cacao Nibs

by Hadi Zahedi 30 Jul 2017

Chocolate sugary snacks are no good? Cacao Nibs change everything!

OK, so in between meals you get hungry – I mean, who doesn’t? When it is time to snack, what do you reach for? Is it naughty or nice? Go on admit it! We all do it! If you are honest, the goods are mostly junk? Guilty as charged . . .

If you are fed up of feeling your conscious grinding on you – the little voice in your head that says “You shouldn’t!” But then the devil on your shoulder says “You know you want to!”

When it is time to grab a bite and you know that you need to boost energy throughout the day, wouldn’t it be wonderful if you didn’t have to look at the labels and find the things you love are just full of sugar or things that are downright bad for you?

Now you can enjoy chocolate as a nibble that will actually benefit your well-being!

Live a lifestyle where you can be confident that the foods that you eat are without risks and ditch the harmful substances that are damaging to your health.

Here are 13 reasons that make it easy to quit unhealthy snacks and choose Cacao Nibs! Alovitox have the answers that all chocolate lovers want to hear . . .

Finally! A natural organic snack that you can rely on!

Alovitox Cacao Nibs Naturally Sweetened with Yacon Syrup is a recipe that has seriously gone all out to make dreams come true. Today, you can substitute all those shameful snacks and say hello to tasty treats!

There is no need to go for sugar or so-called ‘chocolate’ when you can have an option like this!

Decisions are made easy when:

  1. Cacao Nibs by Alovitox are grown deep in the Amazon and are 100% natural.
  2. There is zero sugar content in Alovitox Cacao Nibs (except for the natural sugars that are within the natural sweetener Yacon Syrup, of course!)
  3. The taste is just beyond anything you would ever imagine when it comes to swapping the good old Snickers and finding something else that works!
  4. Nibs can be added to any healthy meal or snacked on alone, either way, they are just as great!
  5. There is no need to worry about the Glycemic Index as there are zero sugars in raw cacao but the Yacon Syrup that is added is the lowest on this list!
  6. Calories are pretty much non-existent (there are certainly not enough to worry about putting on any weight!)
  7. Packed full of antioxidants! What more could you ask for?
  8. Vitamins,
  9. Minerals,
  10. Essential fatty acids,
  11. Proteins,
  12. Carbohydrates,
  13. Fibers,
  14. Healthy compounds – (so there was more!)
  15. Improve your mood! Release the endorphins . . .

    Then there are the extra benefits of Yacon as a natural sweetener!

  16. Weight-loss properties
  17. Another plant is combined from the Amazon rainforest, this time a root vegetable!
  18. 100% natural
  19. Also full of antioxidants
  20. Potential immune system improvements
  21. Potential digestive system improvements
  22. Mostly made up of FOS
  23. Yacon provides the system with all-important inulin
  24. 100% Gluten-free
  25. 100% Vegan-friendly
  26. No additives
  27. Unrefined, Unprocessed & All-natural Ingredients
  28. No preservatives
  29. No artificial substances
  30. Reusable and recyclable packaging
  31. Great value for money!

You can be sure to receive the best certified organic ingredients made by Alovitox.

Alovitox Cacao Nibs Naturally Sweetened with Yacon Syrup can be purchased here for a limited time special offer and discounted price!

*DISCLAIMER: No article or blog on this website is written with the intention to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease nor is it to substitute professional medical advice. All information and opinions are solely written strictly for educational purposes. There are no ingredients approved by the FDA and results will vary depending on the individual – none of which are ever guaranteed.


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