You might be wondering, “what does Alovitox mean?” Well, it’s a combination of 3 words: Aloe Vera, Vitamins, and Detoxification. Aloe Vera is widely-known as one of the most healing and beneficial plants, vitamins are essential to people’s holistic health, and detoxification symbolizes the need to live a clean and organic life, ultimately freeing our bodies from the harmful toxins that exist in our environment. At Alovitox, we focus on providing natural superfoods and supersnacks, sourced from native, organic and sustainable farms to help you cultivate a better life for yourself, and the planet.


Aria is our Main Founder, and along with being our Master Herbalist, he is also a well-educated and experienced engineer. The combination of a logical mind and his skills as an herbalist allows him to quickly analyze working strategies that help to discover and promote ingredients geared towards providing optimal health. Interest in herbal medicine started at a very young age for Aria, where he felt the need to find ways where he could replace how we treat and view ailments. Aria graduated as a Certified Clinical Master herbalist from The Natural Healing Institute in San Diego. With Alovitox, he can offer our customers a lifestyle filled with natural remedies and organic nutrition, instead of one filled with synthetic chemicals that don’t have the ability to heal.


Aaron is an Entrepreneur and Pharmacist in addition to being a self-proclaimed wanderer and wannabe athlete. He works closely with Aria and travels with him to bring the Alovitox vision to life by meeting with small farmers around the world. His knowledge as a pharmacist helps to ensure that we’re cultivating the right ingredients to create a product line geared towards offering essential health benefits. Combined with Aria’s herbalist expertise, the two pack a powerful punch in helping us deliver products we can be proud of.
We are minimizing our impact on the environment. With climate change being at the forefront of socially-conscious minds around the world, we know there’s only one Earth, and she must be protected at all costs. So many farming processes in today’s world are damaging our natural resources, especially in South American countries. Instead of following in those footsteps, Alovitox wanted to carve its own path and ensure we do everything possible to protect Mother Nature. Small farmers often operate with limited resources and are not offered the same protections as larger farms. They are usually family-owned and are typically their sole source of income. Supporting small farms extends to their workers who are local residents, which all combines to support the economics of their entire community. By protecting one community, we help to protect all communities.