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Drink like a Samurai to Sharpen your Mind - The Original Nootropic

by Hadi Zahedi 19 Apr 2019

The incredible story of Last Samaria’s Matcha tea ceremony

Samurais are known for not only their ability to fight and defend themselves and their community, but they were also cultured and well-educated. In fact, Samurais adopted Ceremonial Japanese Matcha Tea as a form of refining their habits and maintaining discipline.

In fact, the Samurai connection to Matcha is attributed to Hideyoshi. While serving as the ruler of Japan, Hideyoshi created the Samurai class to bring an end to the civil war while also forging a connection with one of the greatest tea masters of the country – Master Rikyu. This forged connection brought about tea ceremonies that were much more of a formal ritual, complete with choreographed steps and hand movements. As a result, the tea ceremony evolved as a symbol for Samurai status and refinement.

Last Samurai Matcha Ceremony Alovitox

Picture: The Last Samurai movie, 2003

It’s no secret that Samurais exercise discipline for both the mind and body. In fact, it’s the basis of becoming a warrior. They required fuel to maintain this discipline and that’s how Ceremonial Japanese Matcha Tea became part of the protocol and practice for their missions.

Matcha Alovitox

Diving Deeper Into the Origin of Ceremonial Japanese Matcha Tea

The origins of Matcha Tea date back to China’s Tang Dynasty but gained the most noteable level of popularity during the 1100s in Japan. The culture craved a true tea and created the powder from the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant. However, what makes Matcha Tea unique is the production of the leaves. The process of production involves drying and fermenting leaves into a fine powder. And, the production of Matcha Tea powder is primarily cultivated along the southeastern border of Kyoto using the entire leaf of the plant, allowing for a higher concentration of nutrients and antioxidants.

Timing is everything when it comes to the production of Matcha Tea. In fact, the leaves are only harvested once a year and the process involves covering the plants prior to production to increase plant chlorophyll, resulting in a much more vibrant green color of the fine powder.

What consumers notice is that the taste has a unique blend of earthy, bitter and malty flavors that produce a delicious creamy finish. The savory taste has been compared to edamame, seaweed and moss. And, the temperature in which you drink Matcha Tea also affects the taste. When consumed as a cold brew, the sweet notes of the tea come to the forefront while hot brews result in more astringent flavors.

Matcha Alovitox

What Differentiates Matcha Tea From Other Tea Blends?

The taste and production of the leaves when producing Matcha Tea are among some of the most differentiating factors. Even though Matcha Tea is a variety of Green Tea, how the leaves are grown makes a world of difference when compared to other varieties. During production, Matcha leaves and bushes are not exposed to sunlight approximately 30 days before the harvest. As a result, with an increase in chlorophyll levels, the leaves are more vibrant, darker and much more infused with amino acids. In addition, Matcha leaves that are ultimately ground into a fine powder, contain more antioxidants and caffeine than traditional green teas.

Similar to Matcha Tea, black tea does contain some nutrients and traces of caffeine. However, the primary difference is that Matcha Tea lacks the diverse set of side effects that are characteristic of black teas. Known as a superfood, too, Matcha Tea offers more benefits than side effects. Although minimal, Matcha Tea may produce possible constipation or stomach aches whereas an overabundance of black tea can produce side effects, such as anxiety, nervousness, frequent urination, headaches, nausea and vomiting, quickened breathing or ringing in the ears.

The Benefits of Matcha Tea

While many people rely on taste when choosing specialty teas and superfood powders to consume as a cold or hot brew, Matcha Tea offers many additional benefits for the mind, body and soul.

Matcha Alovitox

Adding Matcha Tea to your daily routine provides you with the following benefits:

  • Offers an Increase in Antioxidant Intake: Fueling your body and mind with what’s good for you is a top priority and Matcha Tea offers a high dosage of antioxidants because the fine powder is rich in catechins. It’s no secret that antioxidants not only help to stabilize free radicals that are harmful but also reduce your risk of cell damage and chronic diseases, according to a study by the International Journal of Biomedical Science.
  • Gives Your Brain a Boost: Not only does Matcha Tea contain a concentrated dose of caffeine to boost your energy level, it can also enhance how your brain functions. In fact, the Food Research International Journal conducted a study that found that Matcha can improve reaction time, memory and attention spans in some individuals. In some cases, the effects of Matcha may also help you to decrease stress levels and relax more easily.
  • Assists With Weight Loss: Most weight loss supplements include some form of green tea extract, primarily because many forms of green tea, including Matcha, can enhance your ability to lose weight. In fact, the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that when coupled with exercise, you can burn up to 17% of fat when consuming green tea. In addition, the energy boost provides you with the motivation to be more active.

Drink Like a Samurai

You need the fuel – and the benefits – of Matcha Tea to lead a productive, healthy lifestyle better than any synthetic Nootropic. That’s why Alovitox has made it their mission to provide only the highest quality, natural, organic superfoods to help you sustain well-being. From superfood powders and dried fruits and berries to Cacao and Yacon powders, you can find just what you need to summon your inner samurai and find the energy to take on mental or physical challenges that present themselves during battles.

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