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Goldenberry Fudge recipes

by Hadi Zahedi 19 Jun 2020

Total Preparation & Cooking Time: 1 hour & 20 Minutes

Servings: 4



  1. Put everything together to a blender and blend on high settings until smooth.
  2. Place the batter in a large mixing bowl and then add in the berries; stir well.
  3. Line in a glass baking dish, preferably 8×8” with a non-stick paper & spread fudge batter evenly in the dish.
  4. Place the glass dish in a refrigerator and let chill until the batter has hardened, for 20 minutes.
  5. Once hardened, remove the fudge from dish. Peel the paper away from fudge & then cut into pieces, preferably bite-sized.
  6. Serve & enjoy or you can even store them in an airtight containers for couple of days.
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