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5 Logistics Of Choosing Yacon Syrup Over Other Natural Sweeteners

by Hadi Zahedi 15 Jul 2017
Ditching sugar? Try Yacon Syrup As A Natural Sweetener!
It may have come to your attention that you are not leading the healthiest type of lifestyle and there are ways that you can rectify this situation. One of the first things you can attempt is to quit using sugar or at least try to cut down.

But how do you avoid sugar and still enjoy food? It really is easier than it sounds!

There are a number of alternatives that you can lead towards including, Honey, Stevia, Dates and Maple Syrup, but what if I told you there was something better out there? And that something is Yacon Syrup.

No matter what your reasoning is to decide to start to become more conscious of your diet, Yacon Syrup makes for an easy transition.

Yes, the alternatives as mentioned above also have their perks, but here are eight comparisons that show why you should choose to use Yacon Syrup:

You may wish to use Honey, but if you are vegan, this won’t suffice due to it being a substance produced by an animal. Therefore, Yacon Syrup would be a better option due to being derived from plants of The Andes Mountains in Peru.

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As delicious as Maple Syrup happens to be, Yacon Syrup is also very tasty – so it is great to switch it up on occasion, to create a variety of flavours!
An interesting case brought forward by NCBI is that Yacon Syrup can benefit premenopausal women who suffer from obesity as well as those who have a resistance to insulin.
Because Yacon Syrup has very few calories and is packed full of fructose, researchers say that it is not only beneficial for weight loss, but it is also very nutritious! (Just for the record Banana Puree has the equivalent of 200 calories!)
Agave Syrup is another natural sweetener that people choose to use, but unfortunately, it is highly concentrated! And so because Agave is way sweeter, this is one more reason to opt for Yacon Syrup instead.
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So You See? Yacon Syrup Is Far More Beneficial!
Once you put your mind to making a change, the rest comes easy!

Getting rid of sugar doesn’t mean that you should replace one potentially harmful substance with another! Artificial sweeteners are just as bad if not worse.

If you are going to do it, then do it right!

There are plenty of natural sweeteners to choose from, but Yacon Syrup is definitely the number one of the variety.

You should go right ahead and purchase here for an exclusive discounted rate of ‘Pure Yacon Syrup.’ Alovitox is a worldwide certified organic superfoods producer who sources all-natural ingredients from local farmers and family-operated businesses.

Their aim is to not only support communities who provide ‘food as nature intended,’ but to allow conscious individuals access to these treats!

*DISCLAIMER: No article or blog on this website is written with the intention to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease nor is it to substitute professional medical advice. All information and opinions are solely written strictly for educational purposes. There are no ingredients approved by the FDA and results will vary depending on the individual – none of which are ever guaranteed.

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