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Yacon Powder vs. Yacon Syrup | Blog | Alovitox Superfoods

by Hadi Zahedi 29 Oct 2018

If you’ve read our past few blogs about yacon root, you already know a bit about yacon powder and yacon syrup. But for those of you who haven’t checked out our previous posts on that (you should go do that), we’ll give you a quick rundown on yacon root and what it’s all about.

Botanically known as Smallanthus Sonchifolius, Yacon is a sweet root vegetable indigenous to the Andes Mountains. It has been used throughout Peru, Bolivia, Brazil, and other regions of South America for its low sugar and calorie levels for hundreds of years as a traditional food for diabetes and pre-diabetes. <2>

Today, yacon root is gaining popularity again for being a naturally low-calorie sweetener and prebiotic that assists the digestive system in healthy elimination and aids in weight loss. <1>

According to several studies, the fructooligosaccharides (also known as FOS) in yacon are what make it so sweet but what also makes it so healthy. The FOS “favors the growth of health-promoting bacteria while reducing pathogenic bacteria populations.” As a result, yacon root may lower glycemic levels as well as body weight, and reduce the risk of colon cancer. <3>

So now we know that yacon root is good for us, but how do we take it?

The most popular ways to take it is in powder or syrup form. Whether it’s a syrup or a powder, you are still going to get the benefits of this sweet lil’ tuber…but that brings us to the question:

Which do you buy then, powder or syrup??

Well, that depends – are you the kind of person that tends to like pancakes or waffles in the morning? Are you a tea or coffee drinker that likes to add a little extra sweetness to your hot drink? Do you like to sweeten your smoothie bowls with dates or your top your granola with maple?

If any of the above sounds like you, yacon syrup is going to be your daily go-to. You will get all the benefits yacon provides – improved insulin sensitivity, digestive health, and immune system – in a syrup that’s sweet like maple! This syrup may be great and all, but what if you’re more of a granulated sugar kinda person?

Are you the kind of person who typically adds a spoonful of sugar to their morning coffee or tea? Do you often add healthy powders to your smoothies or shakes? If this sounds like you, the powdered version of the yacon root might just be perfect for you.

Easy to add into any recipe, smoothie or drink, yacon root powder is a healthy alternative to other highly processed sweeteners.

Whether its powder or syrup (or even yacon slices!), you have to give this root a try. You’ll find both in our store. We can’t wait to hear what you think of them! Let us know in the comments below.





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