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Why Golden Berries are one of the fastest growing food trends!

by Hadi Zahedi 13 Jun 2017

Why Golden Berries are one of the fastest growing food trends

Why are we seeing a surge in the popularity of golden berries, also known as Inca berries/Cape gooseberries? It’s actually pretty straightforward; they are one of the newly discovered ‘superfoods’. A title not easily earned, but in this case, extremely well deserved.

The power of antioxidants

The size of a Malteser but at the opposite end of the spectrum when it comes to health benefits. The golden berry plant is jam packed with antioxidant power. From reducing colds and flus with their anti-viral properties, to reducing the risk of cancers, these berries are an effective weapon to have in your health arsenal.

Vitamin vitality

Vitamins are essential to keep your body running at 100%. From maintaining optical health and bolstering the immune system, to their anti-inflammatory properties and the maintenance of your skin. One serving of dried golden berries provides you with 25% of your daily vitamin A, as well as providing you with vitamins C, B1, B2, and B6. Just to top it off, they even give you 6% of your recommended daily dose of iron!

Protein and fibre powerhouse

16% of golden berries are made up of protein, making them the perfect protein alternative for vegans and vegetarians. Plus, when one serving gives you 15% of your daily dose of fibre, golden berries benefits are numerous, ensuring digestive health, reducing bloating, whilst still giving you that full feeling for longer.


Trust the experts

The newly discovered golden berries popularity is set to boom. Their health benefits are wide reaching and irrefutable. Mohamed F. Ramadan and Jörg-T. Mörsel from the Technical University of Berlin undertook substantial research to understand and advocate the benefits these golden berries can offer. Trust the experts, beat the crowd and give your health the boost it deserves.

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