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The Top 5 FAQs About Cacao Nibs

by Hadi Zahedi 03 Aug 2018

Maybe you’ve heard of cacao nibs (and even know they’re considered a superfood), but not everyone knows exactly what they are…or what’s so super about them. In this blog, we’ll demystify cacao nibs through the questions we hear most often about this powerhouse, nutrient-dense treat.

Q: What exactly are Cacao Nibs?

A: Cacao nibs are the foundation of all things chocolate. That’s right — before your favorite chocolate snack was prettily packaged and placed on a shelf at your grocery store, it existed as a cacao nib. Basically, cacao nibs are crushed cacao beans that are dried, fermented, and packed full of incredible antioxidants that boast huge health benefits (more on that here).

Q: Are Cacao Nibs Bitter?

A: Because there is absolutely nothing added to cacao nibs, they do taste bitter upon first trying them (unless you’re used to eating very low-sugar foods and already have a palate for the less sweet flavor!). However, you can enjoy plain cacao nibs as a superfood addition to other things you’re already eating. Consider adding a handful of them to your next smoothie, oatmeal, granola, or baked treats like muffins.

Q:AreCacao Nibs Fattening?

A: No! In fact, cacao nibs can help you burn fat thanks to their blend of flavonoid antioxidants and the high fiber content. Cacao nibs are sugar-free and contain less calories than any chocolate that has been processed and sweetened. Additionally, because cacao nibs contain 11 grams of fiber per ounce, your stomach will feel full faster and longer, and your blood sugar levels will remain stable (versus spiking as they do when consuming high-sugar foods!).

Q: Are Cacao Nibs Raw?

A: Yes, cacao nibs are raw because they are dried at a low temperature and do not go through any processing methods whatsoever. This means that they retain high levels of enzymes and nutrients, which makes snacking on cacao nibs a truly guilt-free snack. Because our cacao nibs are raw, they also are much more easily digested than anything that is processed. For those who follow raw vegan diets, cacao nibs make an excellent choice for a chocolate-like taste along with a delightful crunchy texture thanks to the cripsiness that occurs during the drying process.

Q:AreCacao Nibs Sweet?

A: The only cacao nibs that are sweet are Alovitox’s exclusive offering of organic cacao nibs sweetened with yacon syrup. The all-natural yacon syrup that we use is low-calorie and very low-glycemic, but it takes the edge off of the bitterness of cacao nibs in their purest form. The sweetener is also raw, vegan, and organic. This exclusive blend of cacao nibs and yacon are suitable for diabetics and make replacing chocolate snacks with cacao very easy.

What questions do you have about cacao nibs? Let us know so we can help you make the switch to this delicious, guilt-free superfood. And, be sure to check out our regular cacao nibs as well as our cacao nibs sweetened with yacon syrup.

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