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Organic Yacon Syrup

(590 customer reviews)

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  • Cacao
  • Cinnamon
  • French Vanila
  • Original
  • 55lbs
  • 8 oz

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Have you decided to change your lifestyle? If you are looking for an organic all-natural sweetener, then look no further. Our Organic Yacon Syrup is a low-glycemic natural sweetener with 1/3 of the calories of sugar or honey. In addition to the low-calorie count, Yacon Syrup has just as much flavor, if not more, than your traditional sweeteners. 


Use Alovltox Yacon Syrup, for a healthier diet! Benefits:

  • Low glycemic index
  • Weight management booster
  • Blood sugar regulator
  • High fiber & low calories
  • High FOS 6100% raw, vegan, gluten free
  • GMO-free, BPA free
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Organic Yacon Syrup

Organic Yacon Syrup

Have you decided to change your lifestyle? If you are looking for an organic all-natural sweetener, then look no further. Our Organic Yacon Syrup is a low-glycemic natural sweetener with 1/3 of the calories of sugar or honey. In addition to the low-calorie count, Yacon Syrup has just as much flavor, if not more, than your traditional sweeteners. 

The Facts

Guaranteed freshness.

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead and cadmium, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer or birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information click here.

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Suggested Use

Our Yacon syrup can be used as an alternative sweetener to help keep your blood sugar low. Start with a small amount as you may find it sweeter than the sugar substitute you currently use.

Why You Will Love It

Our Yacon Syrup is extracted from the natural Yacon plant using our unique proprietary method to prevent contaminants and oxygen exposure so that you can enjoy Yacon Syrup with the highest level of vital nutrients.

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Organic Yacon Syrup
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Organic Yacon Syrup

Organic Yacon Syrup


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590 reviews for Organic Yacon Syrup

  1. TexasTraveler

    This is a fantastic replacement for honey for me. I used it in my tea, and my coffee. It has a distinct flavor, that has a hint of caramel and a bit of honey mixed in. The nutritional panel and the benefits advertised, make this a no brainer replacement for me.

  2. Mike

    Excellent Product. Taste amazing, Quality wonderful, Packaging great!
    So happy to find this natural sweetener. I used it in my coffee, tea and baking. Loved it and highly recommended!

  3. Amazon Customer

    My package arrived promptly and intact, securely wrapped in bubble wrap. I live in a warm/humid environment, so the syrup was a bit “liquidy”, but has thinkened nicely since I put it in the refrigerator. I immediately opened the syrup for the taste test and I wasn’t let down. I was a delicious mixture of honey and molasses in my mouth. I haven’t used it yet to cook/bake with, but I am on a ketogenic diet and I plan to use this in my homemade ketchup and bbq sauces! Thank you!

  4. Amazon Customer

    Wonderful sweetener without ruining any sort of dietary restriction. Goes great with tea and coffee.

  5. JZ23

    This is a great healthy sugar substitute that not many people know about!

  6. Twila

    So good:)

  7. G. Griffiths

    Please realize the cookbook is digital and you have to be open to seller communication in your settings.
    This Yacon Syria does not have a heavy sediment like others. I’ve taste tested (6) six Yacon syrups and fluidity is excellent. I use Yacon syrup in my coffee and baking. Jar is much better than others.

  8. J

    This is the third brand of Yacon syrup I’ve purchased through Amazon. It’s my least favorite for taste. To me this brand tastes more like sweet potatoes and less like the caramel/molasses flavor I enjoyed from other brands. I bumped this up to four stars because of the packaging. This glass jar is much better than the bottles I’ve had with other brands. Other brands (which are also thicker) have bottle openings that are too small to even get a knife in, so it’s easy to feel like you’re missing a lot when the bottle is almost empty. This wider mouthed jar prevents that. This brand also doesn’t seem to solidify or thicken up over time.


    Good choice for natural sweetener, will try some of the recipes.

  10. MuffyDaniel

    Good consistency, nice flavor. Easy to access jar

  11. Sunray

    This stuff is great! I do NOT like artificial sweeteners, and even the “natural” ones like Stevia leave a strange aftertaste and taste fake. I have been trying to lose weight and get healthy, but was really missing a sweetener in my tea/coffee and I happened to come across this product on Amazon. Since it had generally good reviews I decided to try it. I’m SOOO glad I did. It adds just the perfect amount of sweetness with no fake sweetener taste or any aftertaste. it has a slight chocolatey flavor if you taste it straight, but in my tea or coffee I just get a mild sweetness not an overwhelming sense of chocolate. 1 tsp does the trick! I also started using it as a syrup on my protein pancakes and it is wonderful there as well. I highly recommend!

  12. DJ Sunrise

    My review is based on two things. 1. Price and 2. Consistency of product. I had tried a different brand that came in a brown bottle that was difficult to use as the having syrup is very thick. This product seemed very watered down for such a small product (8oz). The price is extravagant. Gave it to someone who used yacon syrup and promised they would use it.

  13. AZM

    This has a very mild sweetness to it, no aftertaste and price is low compared to retail.

  14. ginsing

    Absolutely delicious!!! A great alternative to sugary syrups. I purchased because I have diabetes and can use a small amount of this with my diabetic waffles I make at home! It’s great to be able to enjoy one of my favorite breakfasts again

  15. Chris E.

    Nasty. Threw away

  16. Gail Andersen

    I think I’m going to like this a lot!

  17. Mia Farland

    Delicious tasting love it as a syrup replacement.

  18. dianna

    This was a excellent seller. The CEO emailed me several times about this yacon syrup making sure there were no problems with the order and give me information on what it is used for. I also received a cook book. I would say it’s the best on the market. The other yacon syrups on the market had a better taste than this because of all the added sugars and they are in a plastic bottle and they weren’t organic and the syrup hardens on the bottom and you cannot get it out. so you waste a lot of it. I take this syrup three times a day before my meals with a glass of water and I have lost weight 12 pounds in three weeks .Which is a big deal to me because I have tried to lose weight for years with no success.

  19. Amazon Customer

    like it

  20. Ronald Settle

    Excellent quality and taste. Lighter in color and better tasting than another brand I tried.

  21. Amy B

    Really delicious. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but the taste is great and it is much better for you than sugar.

  22. Moriah1111

    I really like this stuff. Sweet without guilt. My kind of syrup. It is pricey, so I don’t slather it on anything, but I’m glad to have it in my low carb arsenal.

  23. Amazon Customer

    Great idea, was hopeful, tasted like maple syrup and caremel. But it felt metallic down the lungs and it will make your stomach turn like you threw down something bitter to start a war. Just nasty. Next sweetner please!

  24. Sharon

    I just used mine to replace brown sugar in chocolate chip cookies. That and some other ingredient swaps made for a delicious cookie that tasted close to the real thing, yet didn’t have much affect on my type one diabetic daughter’s sugar. I can’t wait to try it with more recipes!

  25. TMS

    I was getting the bottle, but I prefer the jar because you can use all of the syrup, with the bottle it is difficult to get out.

  26. yating

    Great product! Healthy and taste great! I use it in coffee , tea, smoothies…. almost everything that I want to have it sweetened. Highly recommended!!!

  27. Barbra B.


  28. Barbara

    Wish I had my money back. Not sweet. Not as expected. __

  29. Rhondara

    I like the taste of the product…similar to maple syrup. It took more of it than I expected to sweeten the cooked down black berries I plan to use in Greek yogurt, but I’m very pleased with the flavor. The only thing I dislike is the cost of the product for the size of the jar. However, I was curious enough to purchase it and may do so again if it turns out a little goes a long ways.

  30. Gary Hancock

    This was a delightful surprise, in that it is a sweet yet savory flavor! I absolutely love it on pancakes, waffles, and cottage cheese with bananas and blueberries. Also, it is so flavorful that a little goes a long way, unlike most other syrups that seem to disappear into the food you put them on.

  31. LadyBee

    I had been purchasing another type of yacon syrup in a brown bottle but thought the glass might be easier to use. The consistency is thinner than what I used in the past, and the flavor isn’t as good. I’m disappointed in the product for the price. The taste isn’t as good as the Botanical brand. I won’t purchase again.

  32. A. Beach

    Love this syrup. It is a fabulous sugar substitute. All natural and no artificial flavor. It tastes like a cross between maple syrup or molasses. I use it in cofffee, tea, drizzle over pancakes so far.

  33. Chantelle LaVergne

    Love Yacon syrup for my Keto lifestyle…. I especially love this jar it comes in- a lot easier to handle than the other brands. Great taste and 0 on the GLycemic index! Win! Win! The recipes were downloaded via link the day I received my syrup! They gave me great ideas!

  34. Missy V

    I just received this product so I can’t really say much about it except that it has a nice taste (sweet, somewhat like a very mild brown sugar/molasses taste) and can be used to bake with. I had to use a little blackstrap molasses in my ginger muffins to get the taste of molasses though because it is mild.

  35. Jennifer Terry

    Surprisingly disappointed in this product. It’s not like other yacon syrups I’ve purchased. It’s more expensive but I figured the fact that they had the sense to package it in a glass jar instead of those plastic bottles with small mouths would make it worth it. Not so. This particular syrup is thin and runny, not at all the molasses-like consistency of others. It doesn’t have that rich, molasses-like flavor, either. The fact that each teaspoon contains 7 calories instead of 13 makes me think they’ve intentionally watered it down for some reason. Really, the only positive thing is that it comes out of the container more easily than others because of its runniness. I won’t buy this again.

  36. JMA

    Love the taste. Finally, a natural sweetener without the yucky aftertaste and a very low glycemic index!

  37. Margie

    This Yacon syrup is so tasty. Love putting in my home made yogurt or on pancakes.

  38. Patricia N.

    I recently added this to my diet and so far have been happy with it. I was reading of a study in which some of the people lost weight while taking Yacon Syrup and after a lot of research I ordered this one. I prefer buying food items in glass rather than plastic and the wide design makes it easy to use the syrup. I will update this review if I find it to helps to lose some weight along with my new eating plan. At first I found the taste to be quite strong when I mixed it in water and not to my liking, but I have found that by mixing it in my coffee or tea it actually tastes good. I will be re-ordering this item.

  39. Sandie

    Not as good as other brands

  40. toofun77

    I love the consistency of the syrup. I add it to my yogurt as an alternative to honey.

  41. Rufus Xavier Sasparilla

    First order, taste was good, similar to molasses without the sulfurous notes. Second order, plastic seal atop lid intact, but lid was popped. No option to return. Will buy product from another vendor

  42. L Watson

    Used on pancakes and it was a bit much for me, even though I didn’t use much. I get a little jittery when I use it. I would not describe the flavor as really good, but it is something I could get used to if it didn’t make me feel a bit off. Not sure why. Might just be me.

  43. Adler

    the flavour is nice; however, I did not not it contained inulin, which gives some people a bad stomach ache.

  44. Magda Ogorek

    Best yacon syrup I’ve tried…and I’ve tried many brands. Very pleased with this purchase. The other brands dry up and don’t have the same thick syrup-y consistency

  45. Naomi

    Product arrived shattered!

  46. Amazon Customer

    This is amazing!!!!

  47. Jenn

    Excellent product. Tests great!

  48. Richard A. Howes

    First, I love this stuff. It tastes great. I occasionally put it on homemade Almond bread with cream cheese. This review is regarding the effect of Yacon Syrup on Keto. This morning after 14 hours of fasting, I took 1 tablespoon with nothing else. At 4 grams carbs per teaspoon according to the label, that would be 8 grams of carbs. Before taking, my ketones were 1.9 and my blood sugar levels were 76. 1 hour later, my blood sugar was 156 and my ketones had dropped to 1.4, so obviously I had an insulin response. Still, I recommend for those occasional times when you just really need a dessert.

  49. JR

    Great flavor, smooths out the taste of my coffee perfectly, not sickly sweet and no aftertaste, keeps a good consistency when refrigerated, love that it has a low glycemic index and is so low in calories, the glass jar is a plus, so glad it is gluten free

  50. Shar

    Keeping the glycemic index of my meals low, is my goal. So I rarely eat anything with added sugars or sweeteners. When I want a sweetener, I prefer natural plant sweeteners to sugar alcohols. For those who love sweet foods, this may not be enough to satisfy. This isn’t as sweet as maple syrup or honey. It has a mild sweetness with a pleasant aftertaste. I mainly use it for making oatmeal, almond or peanut butter cookies for an occasional sweet snack. Sometimes I will add a touch in my salad dressing to offset a vinegar/mustard mix. The recipe ebook was very helpful.

  51. riley


  52. Michael Martinez

    Good flavor.

  53. stone junkie

    Product was tasty (tasted just like regular syrup) and seller shipped item quickly…also, for some reason the cookbook wasn’t included, but after contacting seller they emailed the PDF for the cookbook right away, no problem. Definitely a great product & service from Alovitox!

  54. KSM

    I regret having bought 2 jars of this product without having tasted it (also regret not having checked whether it was returnable); I thought it would be similar to another brand that I really like but with the benefit of being in a jar. This is a thin syrup compared to the other brand, and leaves an icky aftertaste “off the spoon”. It’s not pleasant in hot tea, either. Hopefully I can find a good home for the unopened jar and will try to use the opened jar for baking or something.

  55. Marti

    Great sweetener with no bad after-taste. Great consistency too! Will buy again!

  56. Golden Gate

    The package arrived securely wrapped in bubble wrap. The taste was delicious especially when you have a big birthday party at the park :).

    Honestly, this is the best natural sweetener. I tried other brands but this Yacon Syrup has better taste with a glass jar. I will purchase again!

  57. Bigdread

    This is a great product.

  58. RHarris

    I love this yacon syrup! I’ve tried several brands, but this one tastes the best. And, with the ones that come in a bottle, I had to risk losing a finger cutting into a plastic bottle, trying to scrape out the hardened syrup that is stuck to the inside of it! No thank you! I put this in my latte every morning, and the caramel-like taste is better than sugar. Combined with unsweetened vanilla almond milk & cinnamon, the flavors compliment each other and I feel like I’m having a treat every day. I also love that it low on the glycemic and helps with good gut health. Tasting good and healthy is a win-win. The only thing that would make it better would be if they could bring the price down.

  59. Tonda Walker

    This is the best natural sweetener that I have ever used. I will let everyone that comes into my home try it. BEST EVER….

  60. Gracie6250

    Low sugar snd only need s tiny amount to get sweet flavor with s minute amount of calories!

  61. Jade7

    Great taste for a sugar substitute!
    I have been doing candida diet for two months. I have used sometimes monk fruit extract and xylitol for sweeteners. Now I’m allowed to use maple syrup, coconut sugar. Maple syrup (real one without high fructose corn syrup of course) has 48 gr. sugar in one serving size. This product has great taste and has only 2 gr. syrup in one serving size.

  62. melanie lessard

    Good but it takes some getting use to. Will buy again

  63. Brad B

    Here is the deal. Best sweetener/syrup if you are doing a Candida Albican bacteria reduction cleanse. I use it on my paleo bread french toast(no yeast, wheat added sugar etc). a little ghee on top of the french toast with the Yacon syrup, wow great stuff. Enjoy!

  64. J. Adair

    Excellent! Will be purchasing again! Thank you!

  65. Elaine Whiteaker

    I absolutely love this product, I have used other yacon syrup brands but find this brand the easiest to use. I literally substitute it for all my baking needs, sweet breads, brownies and regular whole grain bread. I wanted to find a healthy alternative to sugar, honey and molasses and found just what I wanted in yacon syrup. Would recommend to anyone!!!!

  66. pam d

    I have been buying this product for a while now. Time for a review.

    First I wanted to address the nasty comments some people wrote about their jars arriving open…well, after ordering for a while my last box arrived with one jar (out of four) broken. I contacted Alovitox to let them know and they replied in less than an hour apologizing for the trouble and they are sending me a replacement right away. See? No need to be mean if you don’t try to solve the problem. No company can read minds that I know of.

    I chose this product because I have several health issues that prevent me from eating regular honey or straight up maple syrup (more on that below)…for a little while I could not have yacon syrup because I was suffering from SIBO (Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth)…don’t judge 🙂 lots of people are walking around with this condition and don’t know it! the reason I had to stop for a bit was that the syrup is high in what is called FOS (Google it please) so if you have gut issues like I did you might want to heal your gut first and then continue with this syrup.

    It is worth clarifying that the syrup is healthy! I could not eat many other foods high on FOS during my gut healing time, including onions, garlic, apples, kale and a bunch of other healthy and delicioius foods.

    Now to the good stuff. The taste.

    I am a very very picky person when it comes to food. Going with me to a restaurant is anybody’s idea of a nightmare LOL. And I definitely went without anything sweet for a long long time because I am hypersensitive to all sweeteners natural or otherwise. That distinctive metallic taste of stevia and others just stays with me…even when I prepare coffee for my hubby (who, luckily will eat anything and any sweetener) if some particles of stevia or monk fruit fly in the air I can feel it in the back of my throat.

    So, it’s been established: I am frustratingly picky when it comes to food and particularly sweeteners.

    I use yacon syrup when I make my own chocolate bars and also for any home made desert.

    For those of you who are as sensitive to the taste of yacon as I am to any other sweetener: try adding a bit of organic grade B (which is darker and richer) maple syrup. I like the taste of yacon very much but on Sunday paleo pancakes day I do splurge and mix it with MS…it is SOOOO good!

  67. KMM

    I really like the consistency of this, I use it on pancakes!! Very good! Would like to experiment with it more but didn’t get my cookbook! 🙁

  68. Nicole Papes

    I like this syrup for my Chai tea in the morning, but it is kind of expensive. I tried several other brands of yacon syrup and liked the consistency and flavor of this one, sold by Alovitox, the best.

  69. Joscelyn Garton-Escamilla

    This syrup is awesome. I use it in my coffee and for a fruit dip or substitute for other syrups in recipes. I feel so much better using this product. I truly feel it delivers on the promises it makes and does just what the label and description say it will do. It is a bit pricey for the size of the jar, but worth the money. Additionally I purchased this brand because of the product label. I compared this label to others available on Amazon and saw this had less added ingredients and carbs.

  70. Alina Khalife

    Excellent product!

  71. Jeri Fink

    Yacon is the best sweetener around – its low glycemic level enables me to replace the artificial sweeteners without much added carbs – very important to a diabetic!

  72. Amazon Customer

    I’ve been using Alovitox yacon syrup for quite some time now and love it! It beats all the alternative sweeteners hands-down, due to its supremely low glycemic index and inulin fiber (which is a pre-biotic). I use it in place of honey in recipes and even add it to my chile recipe (along with a little bit of cacao powder to give it depth). The list of things I use it for is quite exhaustive. The only downside is the difficulty in spooning it out of the glass jar without leaving a trail of syrup on the outside. Having said that, I appreciate the glass jar (as opposed to plastic bottles). I keep it in the refrigerator after opening and am surprised it still maintains its liquid state, which is great. I would recommend this product unequivocally!

  73. Amazon Customer

    I just got it yesterday and this stuff is awesome! Tase great!

  74. darlene mitchell

    I followed a KETO diet for many months and my “coach” had a little recipe booklet for us. Lots of yummy recipes but I’ve been without a good legal cookie for years so her Chocolate Chip Cookies with yacon syrup was my favorite. Her recommended Yacon was in a plastic bottle and I could never get all the syrup out! I tried the ALOVITOX mostly because of the wide-mouthed glass jar and this makes such a difference. I love it! I would give it 5 stars except it’s expensive!

  75. Lisa L Buhler

    I use this syrup to make my own chocolate – it’s a tasty low glycemic alternative to sugar. I appreciate that it’s organic as well. I wish I could buy this in a store near my house (without an exorbitant mark up) or that Amazon would deliver it to a locker instead of to my house.

  76. Kelly L. Bujnicki

    I love yacon syrup and use it everyday in my coffee, on my berries, and in chocolate desserts.

  77. cherie

    Made Maple Chocolate Chip muffins with Swerve and Yacon syrup. This Yacon syrup has a buttery maple taste. The consistency is smooth and goes a long way! The other plus is that you can use it on Paleo/Keto diet!

  78. Danih131

    I’ve been looking for a low-to-no-sugar replacement for conventional sugar for YEARS. I’ve tried xylitol (I’m allergic), monk fruit (disgusting), and stevia (disgusting AND I’m allergic). I can’t do honey, agave, or maple right now because of the high sugar content. I stumbled on yacon syrup on Amazon and figured I had nothing left to lose. I was so excited for it to come in the mail, and I was NOT disappointed!!! It is SO. GOOD. I add it to smoothies, waffles, baked goods, “hot chocolate” (with raw kefir and cacao powder), coffee, and all kinds of tea. This product is a lifesaver! My only complaint is that it’s really expensive, and the jar is really small. I understand that it’s difficult and time-intensive to produce, so I’ll keep buying it because it’s WORTH IT. I need to keep buying it because it’s the best product out there…but it hurts the wallet. Nevertheless, I will shout from the rooftops: “YACON RULES!!!!”

  79. Essie

    I am a diabetic and cannot use traditional sweeteners. I first came across yacon syrup in a low carb bread recipe and have used it in place of anything calling for maple syrup. It doesn’t require a lot in anything I use it for. I have read that it wildcat to lower blood glucose, but haven’t used it yet in ways to determine the accuracy of those statements. I like the flavor a lot. It is somewhat between maple syrup and molasses. It is easy to get all of the syrup out of the jar, unlike narrow top bottles.

  80. Lisa H.

    Great for keto lifestyle. Delicious, you can just use a little bit for sweetness.

  81. Richard K

    How am I just finding out about Yakon? Syrup tastes great. It has kind of a maple syrup like aftertaste but it’s good in coffee or on protein pancakes. Company seems customer focused and good business.

  82. Martha Phebo Guzman

    I like very much the Alovitox Yacon Syrup!

  83. CatholicCajun

    Horrible taste and waste of money

  84. T. Bryant

    After reading many reviews on many brands, it seemed I might encounter leaking or a thickness on the bottom of jar. The syrup arrived in a little cardboard box inside the big shipment box with other items. No leaks! And the consistency was perfectly consistent all the way to the bottom. I already drizzled a bit over my fresh chopped peach with hemp milk and hempseeds. I’ve also used it as the sweetener in my homemade granola. It tastes similar to molasses but not nearly as strong. Delish!! Would totally buy again! (did not receive a cookbook, however)

  85. arielleloves

    I’ve been looking for a safe natural sweetener that won’t mess anything up in my body and hasn’t been mixed with any other substances! It tastes good and is sweet, it sweetened my coffee without adding any kind of a weird after taste! Yay! I’ll definitely buy again!

  86. Quest

    I love yacon syrup. —Especially Nature’s Botanical Farms. (It just happens to be unavailable at the time of this posting.) Any of you looking to replace it with this one, I would encourage you to keep searching as I will. It doesn’t harden but the taste–bleck! Really don’t understand how this can rate as one of Amazon’s choice. Yes, it is watery and easy to pour out but the flavor–hmm…It’s tart with a strange medicine type after taste.–Not bitter, just not something I would want to sweeten my coffee with. I tried of course and was repelled by it’s taste. Not chocolately like Nature’s Botanical Farms nor anywhere close to tasting like molasses, caramel, or honey. As stated, to me it has more of a tart and fruity liquid vitamin taste. So how is it that others love it? Different strokes for different folks. This one is NOT for me. (Plus a pretty low percentage of FOS compared to others. Just feels watered down with too much of something NOT yacon.)

  87. Cindy Borggrebe

    I really love this product. Truly a low glycemic sweetener. I use it in place of stevia now in my coffee. I also use it in place of maple syrup for banana oat bars and cookie dough bites. Taste is somewhere between maple syrup and molasses. Diabetic friendly!

  88. silvi

    Love this syrup, you can sub it for just about anything that needs to be sweet. It works great as an alternative to processed chemical ridden sugar. I am glad it comes in a glass jar because I’m trying to stay away from plastics.


    This is a very good product for your health it’s like a honey type of consistency and it’s good for your brain also

  90. Lady Katlinel

    I am now on my third jar of this after switching from another brand. It is thinner than the other brand but has the advantage of being able to use every drop unlike the other brand which thickened in the bottle so 1/4 of each bottle was not usable.

    The taste is somewhat like molasses but not as strong, and does not raise my blood glucose. The scale seems to be moving downward off of a plateau, which is a great plus. Really, the only change I would make is offering a larger jar as it goes quickly. Speaking of packaging, this always comes secure and undamaged in bubblewrap. It is a staple in my kitchen!


    The yacon syrup is delicious, used it to sweeten my coffee. Amazing, no aftertaste!

  92. Vladilano

    I try to stick to a low-carb, no sugar diet but had a hard time giving up sugar in my coffee. I have been looking for a sugar substitute for my coffee for some time now and finally found one that works – Yacon Syrup. I have tried many artificial sweeteners like Stevia and Monk Fruit in my coffee but do not like the bitter aftertaste. One teaspoon of this not-too-sweet-but-just-right Yacon Syrup in my coffee does the trick. The only negative I have is that it is a bit pricey. The jar only lasted for a weeks worth of coffee. But, I am still placing an order for another jar right after I submit this comment!

  93. jackie barrera

    This is amazing especially in my fatbombs. No after taste. Really good as syrup on my keto waffles

  94. Lynnette

    Though I did have to request the cookbook twice, it did come and it has some good looking recipes.

  95. M Bahta-Parker

    Looking for a product to fit my new paleo lifestyle. Yacon syrup was recommended as a sweetener on paleoway.com. It tastes great and is 1/3 the calories of a teaspoon of honey. Try it, you will not be disappointed.

  96. Amazon Customer

    Only used this a couple of time but found it to be sweet without the bad effects we get from sugar.

  97. Amazon Customer

    Tastes good and I used it for my pancakes and coffee.

  98. m summers

    I used the Yacon Syrup to make the Plant Paradox friendly recipe for walnut bread. It is delicious. I will absolutley buy more in the future.


    Nice product. Like the fact it has a lower glycemic index. Tastes good too. Will purchase again.

  100. Girl gem

    I use for my coffee however it does sweetened that much. I used a tablespoon this morning compared to the 2 tsp i used previously and it still wasnt sweet

  101. KpopKolorado

    I have been on the KETO since May 2018 and it lead me to research all of the different kinds of natural sweeteners. When I found Yacon Syrup, I was instantly hooked because of the health benefits of eating this product. The taste is perfect for me. I can’t tolerate ‘sweet’ foods anymore because I’ve lost my taste for sugar, so I was wary of getting a sugary syrup, like this one. I’m really pleasantly surprised! It tastes like a crisper, less sweet, and less heavy maple syrup. Wonderful!

  102. Sharon W.

    Used in a low carb chocolate pecan bar recipe. Since I am keto and I love pecan pie, thought I would give this a try. Tasted oh so good, recipe only called for 2 tsp but it made the bars taste like it had that “nasty corn syrup”, but instead something that is actually healthy. Win, win!! Only downside is it is a little pricey.

  103. GCG

    I’m really happy this product tastes so good, but does not increase the glucose levels like sugar does. Have been using for six months now. Great, healthy sugar substitute.

  104. PZ