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Barley Grass Powder

(38 customer reviews)

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Barley grass is naturally alkaline and adding barley grass greens powder to your diet will definitely help balance the body’s PH level. Processed foods, caffeinated drinks as well as drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes make our bodies more acidic. Organic powders like barley grass is a great alternative to keep our body’s alkaline and acidity ratio balanced.


  • ALKALINE SUPERFOOD THAT HELPS BALANCE THE BODY’S PH LEVELS – Barley grass is naturally alkaline and adding barley grass greens powder to your diet will definitely help balance the body’s PH level. Processed foods, caffeinated drinks as well as drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes make our bodies more acidic. Organic powders like barley grass is a great alternative to keep our body’s alkaline and acidity ratio balanced.
  • IMMUNE-BOOSTING GREEN POWDER – Barley grass powder is a nutritious food that is rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants and enzymes. Organic Barley grass contains iron that helps increase blood volume to avoid fatigue and anemia. It is rich in Vitamin C which is essential in overall health as it fights infections and any kinds of diseases.
  • DETOXIFIES AND REJUVENATES THE BODY – Barley Powder is high in chlorophyll, a green pigment found in plant that converts sunlight to energy. When we consume Barley grass powder, the chlorophyll releases oxygen to our bloodstream and flushes out harmful toxins and chemicals. Barley grass organic powder provides protection from harmful chemicals and helps regenerate damaged cells and tissues.
  • PROMOTES HEALTHY DIGESTIVE SYSTEM – The digestive enzymes present in Barley grass organic powder help eliminate the toxins in our body. Barley grass is high in sodium which is needed to produce hydrochloric acid in our stomach. This is needed for proper digestion of food.
  • PURE, ORGANIC AND EASY TO PREPARE – Get all the benefits of green barley powder and start living healthy. Our healthy green organic powder is easy to prepare. Barley grass powder can be taken as a juice drink. You can also sprinkle it to your smoothie, yoghurt, and milk. Add it to your salad dressing, dips or presto. The possibilities are endless!
Barley Grass Powder

Barley Grass Powder

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Guaranteed freshness.

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead and cadmium, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer or birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information click here.

Barley Grass Powder Nutrition

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Barley Grass Powder
Barley Grass Powder

Barley Grass Powder


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38 reviews for Barley Grass Powder

  1. Reza Mansouri

    This product is amazing . We will order it again .
    Better than other similar product 👍🏻

  2. sepideh ka

    I mix this with my Wheat grass juice powder for a 1-2 punch on days where I need a boost in the mornings.

  3. Amazon Customer

    I’ve started adding barley powder to my morning smoothies and it is making a difference! Barley is helps with curbing appetite and weight loss, so I’ve been pairing it with maqui berry powder in my morning smoothie in place of blueberries. All you really need to do is add this one to water if you’re in a hurry, but I love making a smoothie with mango, banana and berries when there is more time. Add spinach powder post-workout for the most amazing recovery ever. Of course everything is organic 😊

  4. Kaelenn

    Not quality barley grass juice powder. It tastes very different then other brands I’ve tried. Barley grass juice powder is suppose to be dark green like on the image on the packaging not light green like what’s inside the package. Has a very dusty/off taste & does not resemble barley grass juice powder. There was also weird flakes of some unknown material throughout the powder.

    Overall pretty unhappy I tried to save some money by going with a cheaper brand since my normal brand wasn’t available on amazon right now. This is very poor quality barley grass.

    Will give it two stars for quick shipping via Prime but the product was a no for me. Recommend trying Terrasoul brand for better quality.

  5. J. Landry

    This is Barley Grass powder….VERY different than JUICE powder. This says JUICE POWDER twice on the package. I have been using Barley Grass Juice Powder for MANY years and I have ordered from many different companies and it is always the same color . . . deep dark green. One time I accidentally order just Barley powder and it was a pale green and did NOT taste good at all. The Juice Powder is generally twice the price and twice the nutrients and twice as green! Beware.

  6. Joni

    this barely juice powder is rich and fresh, very flavorful.
    I chose it out of numerous options, everything about the packaging and info, organics everything spoke to me. i chose well!

  7. sebastian

    J’aime prendre le jus d’herbe d’orge, dans un jus préférablement. J’ai remarqué que je tombe moins malade. Je suis moins enrumé et ma grippe passe inaperçu.

  8. Vegan Living

    Love this powder! Tons of antioxidants and m immune support. Great for smoothies and whatever else you want to add it to!!

  9. LInh Do

    I like that the flavor of this powder has an earthy essence like both matcha powder and wheat grass. I like to mix it with my blueberry matcha drink and give my beverage an extra earthy profile. I definitely feel good after I consume it.

  10. Will Bartlett

    This stuff is wild! My body feels stronger and more resilient when I’m on it. I’ve been testing it out in my smoothie and it is definitely a keeper. Just good to know I’m taking all the precautions I can with my health these days.

  11. Edmar

    I don’t like the taste and texture of the product compare to barley grass juice of Hagiwara and if I know that this product is made in China I will not going to buy it…

  12. Peggy

    This product is very pale, nothing like the picture on the packaging and other other barley grass juice powder I’ve used in the past. I’d skip this one.

  13. V Brown

    I add it to a smoothie with other items. Haven’t tried it on its own, but it smells fine and I imagine it would be ok. Haven’t had any issues with clumping. It mixes well.

  14. Amazon Customer

    Love that this product is actually clean & organic. Only one ingredient – organic barley grass juice powder. I mix barley grass juice powder in my detox smoothies regularly. It’s good for a bunch of things, but I mainly use it because it enhances skin elasticity and makes it more toned. Great addition to my skin care routine, I definitely recommend!

  15. Mohammed Al-Hadi

    I tried the barley grass juice and it’s like energy booster. When also read it’s health benefits, it contains lots vitamins specially high levels of vitamin A. I liked it and I recommend this product.

  16. Poppy

    I usually drink barley tea because of its smell which is like malt. I didn’t hesitate to try this Organic Barley Grass Juice Powder and ordered one. When I opened, it seemed like green tea and smelled like green tea. Once it was easily dissolved to the water, then I knew it super smells good barley juice. I mixed it with almond milk to make it like my everyday milk tea drink. So relaxing – love it!

  17. noel

    this product is awesome…

  18. Girlfriday

    I am a health fanatic and I believe this one is one of the healthiest product I can get online. I add it on my smoothie.

  19. Boss

    It does nothing for you. Just a scam

  20. Choong Kwan Kim

    So good !!!!!! And be helpful to body

  21. Ana Kowalski

    Good nice color

  22. Eric Louisseize

    Exactly what this is suppose to be! I use to take this when I was younger.. Was called Barley Green, and then Barley Life.
    It tastes and makes me feel the exact same way. This powder is a true gem! Will definitely order again!:)

  23. Bebe

    Taste good and easy to mix with water

  24. Amy

    I use this to detoxify heavy metals along with other supplements. It came super fast and was good quality

  25. madeline batsis

    used this product to detox heavy metals and over medications

  26. Babz

    I enjoy a teaspoon full of Alovitox Organic Barley Grass Juice Powder in my morning smoothies several times a week. It blends well and tastes great. My order shipped quickly and the price is good for this quality product.

  27. Mk

    Bad taste. Bad quality, I usually don’t buy Chinese food product if I knew it was Chinese I wouldn’t buy ,I prefer Japanese or South Korean food plus it took forever to deliver , I strongly don’t recommend

  28. Annabelle Tacata

    I used this every morning with my oatmeal, the taste is fine and the value of this product is worth it.

  29. AMF

    I like that its natural barley as advertise. I tried a simmilar product before and they seem to taste and dissolve the same. The only bad side on this product is…”its a product of CHINA and I know that everyone is aware about there reputation when it comes to chemical usage and unhealthy manufacturing plants. I am using this product so I am just hoping that ALOVITOX has more control and made sure that this product is highly contolled in a very safe and healthy enviromental facilities. otherwise, it defeats the purpose of its natural healing.

  30. Brooke

    Love this amazing superfood in my smoothies. Along with the ALOVOTIX spirulina powder it’s a powerhouse of health. Would recommend

  31. Chrizi Jo Ann De Guzman

    This is my second time ordered this product. It has a lot of amazing benefits. It helps me alot in my digestion and my energy became superb. I really like it. I will keep ordering…Amazing!!

  32. kathleen smith

    I would just like to say that I love this product. It is a crucial component to my heavy metal detox smoothie that I have everyday! Not only is this made with high quality barley grass but I feel at ease knowing it’s organic! I will continue to purchase this product every month!!

  33. Goddess in the Garden

    Nice to receive for my smoothies.

  34. Becky

    Its always fast delivery, never had a mix up of any kind. I buy this barley grass on a regular basis now.

  35. Paulepot

    Le produit est excellent. Il procure de l’énergie et a bon goût. Par contre, je devais recevoir un produit gratuit avec cet achat et je n’ai jamais reçu…

  36. JC Marin

    Upon receiving my order I immediately opened the barley grass juice powder and made a banana blueberry smoothie adding 1 heaping tsp to try it out. I’m very satisfied with the products full bodied fresh taste it blends in well and awakens the senses. I’ve tried other products that were less pleasing having a slightly bitter strong taste. Alovitox is now a favorite of mine having great value for money. I’ll be looking into purchasing more from this company.

  37. Meriam N.

  38. Rose

    I’m disappointed, as normally I don’t buy products from China…..I didn’t see anywhere on the product listing or pictures that it was imported, only that when it came, is packaged in North America. I put in in my smoothie, can’t taste it, so I’m giving a 3 star review. I also didnt see the previous review that says the same thing in more detail.

    If the label on Amazon isn’t clear or say where it is from, be sure to ask. It says it is organic, but who knows what is approved in China or where in that country it is grown. I’ve learned my lessons!

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